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Handloom Saree - It is elegant. It is comfortable to wear all day long. It is chic and it is all that any woman would look for. This is why sarees are so popular as workwear attires these days. Fashion trends are now changing in favor of sarees and we find this elegant drape rock even the ramps of some of the most popular designers in the country. This timeless beauty has now slowly found its way to become one of the most popular choices for working women. Of course, the material you choose and the drape style of the saree would influence the level of comfort it offers.

Why are handloom sarees so popular?

Handloom sarees have always had an unrivaled place mainly because they are known to be the easiest to carry and the most convenient to wear for longer durations. Handloom sarees are pieces of art with which you can never fail. Choosing a handloom saree would be a great decision because besides looking good you would also be doing good. Unlike the machine made versions these are still meticulously created by the weavers from all over the country. This has been their livelihood for generations and with the skills passed down over generations they manage to make their masterpieces which are prized possessions in a woman’s wardrobe. Given that each saree is handmade with the utmost care you can be assured that every single piece was crafted in a unique fashion. Especially when you choose some of the popular weaves like Ikkat, Sambalpuri sarees and others these are only made by the weavers in specific localities and so finding genuine ones would be steal deals.

Handloom sarees are known to be made of eco-friendly materials and these are safe on the skin as they contain nothing but natural fibers. So what better option would there be to keep you comfortable during a long work day! Even the dyes used would be soft on the skin, unlike chemical dyes that might irritate the skin.

Compelling reasons why you should choose a handloom saree as a workwear

  • Are you a busy working woman running all day, juggling between home and office and managing it all like a pro? Then you would definitely know how wearing an uncomfortable outfit can dampen your spirits. Handloom sarees with their flowy and breathable texture perfectly sway along with you and allow you to be on the move all the time. They also prevent you from feeling excessively warm and sweaty.
  • There might be many in your office that wear western formal outfits. Why not choose a dapper handloom saree and stand out in the crowd! You would soon become a trendsetter.
  • Have you noticed that some of the most powerful women wear sarees to some of the most popular corporate events and presentations? It is simply because it definitely gives a sense of pride in showcasing our beautiful heritage in front of the audience from all over the world! And unlike other outfits where you would have to worry about a lot of aspects like the fit. With a saree, once you pick a great saree like a handloom saree, you are all set! Of course, you need to perfectly complement it with the right accessories.
  • If you are looking for an all-season outfit, again a saree scores high. So a bunch of handloom sarees can be the best investment you ever make to upgrade your wardrobe.

Things to remember when you wear a saree to office

  1. The fabric and prints matter the most

Most people feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a saree for a professional scenario mainly because of the confusion in choosing the fabric and the prints. As a rule of thumb choose an airy fabric without too many gaudy, glossy embellishments and bold prints. A glossy fabric also might not work that well. Keeping it minimal would be the safest bet for working women. Solid shades are perfect but if you are looking for prints light prints which are not very distracting would be ideal. And to match all these criteria nothing better than a handloom saree! Lighter shades in handloom sarees, as well as dark solid hues with light prints, are the most common choices.

  1. It is all about accessories:

Then comes the choice of accessories. Bold, shimmery necklaces and earrings can all be reserved for the ethnic day at the office or for the special events and celebrations. A simple terracotta set or even an oxidized metal set would work great for a normal workday. A neutral colored leather handbag would be a perfect combination to go with a handloom saree for office.

  1. Do not ignore the footwear choices:

Stiletto heels are known to be perfect with sarees but then if you would be walking around a lot, even a simple pair of ethnic flats would work just fine.

  1. Keep the blouse simple:

Experimenting with blouse designs is better reserved for the special occasions and for the office a simple blouse would keep you comfortable all day. Solid blouses paired with light printed sarees and printed blouses paired with solid ones work pretty well. Contrasting bright colors might not be great for the office.


As strange as it might sound to some, wearing a saree and carrying yourself in a saree all day long would actually end up to be more comfortable than you think and definitely easier than choosing any other outfit, provided you choose the perfect fabric and drape style. If you have still not tried this slowly emerging trend of picking a handloom saree as an office wear, try it and be surprised. It is just a matter of few days till you master your drape style and then there would be no going back. If you do not yet have handloom sarees in your wardrobe and if you are looking to add a graceful stash of the best handloom sarees from all over India, here are some.


Choose Right Accessories For Sarees - A Guide

Choose Right Accessories For Sarees - A Guide

The 9 yards of elegance is a perfect embodiment of feminine elegance and has been a significant part of Indian traditional clothing for thousands of years. This ethnic piece of clothing means different things to different people. To some, a saree is the go-to option for an ethnic day at the office. To others, a saree is the perfect way to rock any special occasion. To some, it is simply a nostalgic symbol of the childhood days of watching mom effortlessly drape a saree and look like a princess and dreaming about wearing one in future and looking as pretty as her! No matter what a saree means to you it is an undeniable truth that no Indian woman’s wardrobe is complete without a collection of some pretty sarees.

There are a million ways to drape a saree, a billion ways to style it up and gazillion ways to accessorize it. It is surprising how the choice of accessories can instantly give a whole different character to the same saree. Whether you are wearing a saree to work or to a special event it takes the right accessories to perfectly achieve the desired effect and to help you showcase your sartorial style.

How to choose accessories for saree

Choose the right style of drape

The way the saree is draped itself has so much to do with the final outcome. The choice of the drape style would often depend on the actual occasion for which the saree is worn, the fabric of the saree and the regional saree style followed as well. But then there are also some bold new ways that the Indian celebrities and fashionistas have recently established which are too good to ignore.

Choose the right color

Along with the type of accessories chosen the colors chosen also have a huge impact on the looks. Going monotone and matching the color from head to toe is an outdated trend now. The key is to mix and match the perfect color palette by finding the perfect blend of colors that complement each other and bring out your refined style.

Choose accessories based on the occasion

Before getting into the accessories that are to be added, understanding the type of accessories to add would be a good place to start. And we reiterate the importance of accessories because without the right accessories the whole outfit might look incomplete or out of place and end up to be a big fashion disaster. The choice of accessories would heavily rely on the occasion for which the saree is worn. After all heavily accessorizing the saree might not be a good choice especially if you are wearing one to the office.

Choose accessories based on the saree and the drape style

The drape style and the actual design and fabric of the saree should all be taken into consideration while choosing the accessories. Heavy traditional jewelry on a simple daily wear saree or hippie accessories on a traditional saree might not be a good choice after all. But once in a while mixing and matching trends, to some extent, can help achieve a noticeably unique effect.

Accessories that complement a saree

  1. Jewelry- earrings:

Smart Women earring accessories

What jewelry to wear with saree is one of the first questions that most women have when they have to wear a saree. We see an influx of several new trends in jewelry every single day. So you now have a lot of options when it comes to choosing jewelry to wear with your saree. A simple yet artistic handloom saree paired with a minimalist earring, say a pair of stud earrings would make a lovely choice for a workday. American diamond earrings also make worthy investments as they can be worn to work as well as when you wear a saree to a party. When we talk about earrings to be worn with a saree nothing beats our traditional Jhumkas. Jhumkas in oxidized silver, especially chunky ones are currently a rage in fashion. And the best part is that these can be worn with any ethnic attire. Terracotta earrings would make great choices for work wear. And traditional jewelry like Polki and Kundan earrings as well as the recently popular silk thread earrings would be the easiest options to help you grab eyeballs in a special occasion, say at a wedding.

  1. Jewelry- necklace:

Smart women Necklace

Then comes the eye-grabbing detail of the outfit, the necklace. The rules of choosing a necklace are very much similar to that of choosing the earrings. Buying necklace sets with matching earrings would make your decision simpler and would make sure that the earring and necklace do not look misfit.

  1. Bindi:

Be it a small stone bindi or a large red bindi you can bring out the charm of your saree by pairing it with the perfect bindi which forms a crucial part of this traditional ensemble.

  1. Footwear:

Husband and Wife Shoes/Footware

Most of the saree fails happen with the wrong choice of footwear. Sneakers and ballet shoes paired with saree might all sound cool but they do not do justice to this elegant outfit. Traditional footwear like Mojari shoes would be great for an ethnic effect and for a simpler and sleeker look nothing better than stiletto heels or peep toes for a fool-proof option.

  1. Bags and clutches:

Bright Red Clutch for modern smart women

Ditch your backpack and hobos and go for a stunning shimmer sling bag or clutch if you are wearing a saree to a party. And nothing better than the ethnic silk bags and clutches to finish the looks for an all-ethnic diva.

Besides choosing the right set of accessories it is also important to focus on the choice of the blouse design. Designer blouses themselves can easily accessorize the saree and give it a totally different look. Also, keep a check on the blouse fitting. And finally, when you have put together all the appropriate accessories you can also choose to add some bling by adding extra accessories like a Maangtikka, a belt or the traditional waist chain and broaches. There are contemporary as well as ethnic designs in these to suit different occasions.

Celebrating Dussehra & Diwali festivals 2017 - A close look at Pandals and effigies in Odisha & Kolkata

Celebrating Dussehra & Diwali festivals 2017 - A close look at Pandals and effigies in Odisha & Kolkata

Dussehra and Diwali are two of the most important festivals celebrated in India. These two festivals ultimately symbolize the victory of good over evil. Lord Rama killed the evil demon Ravana during Dussehra to free his wife Goddess Sita. Diwali symbolizes Lord Rama’s return to his hometown of Ayodhya.

In India, West Bengal and Odisha are the two states where Dussehra or Durga Puja are celebrated most. Durga Puja is synonymous with Navratri. Navratri celebrates either Durga or Rama victory over an evil demon, depending on the region in India.

It is amazing to see the beauty and grandeur of Durga Pandals, really mesmerizing. The spirit and enthusiasm is really awesome. The entire crowd are on vacation, poor to rich , all are in festive mood .. Waoo. In the same city, there are hundreds of places where Puja happens at the same time. Puja committees decide on a particular theme, whose elements are incorporated into the Pandal and the sculptures. Grand decorations and ton of money is invested on the Pandals and effigies. The budget required for such theme-based Pujas is often higher than traditional Pujas. The competitiveness is huge to showcase one is better than the other in terms of the Decoration and celebration, which Pandal can attract more people. People seemed to be so happy and joyful, enjoying their heart's content. Overall awesome festive environment.

Sharing some of the pictures from this year's puja. 

Cuttack, Odisha:

Dusherra Durga Puja Cuttack Odisha

(Picture Clicked by Dev Prasad, Conversion by Sanjeev Hota)

Here are the other places in Cuttack that Pandals are made and attract lot of people.

  13. JOBRA

Bhubaneswar, Odisha:

Here are few pandal picture  from Bhubaneswar.


Nayapalli Bhubaneswar Durga Puja


Shaheednagar, Bhubaneswar 2017 Durga Puja PandalShaheednagar 2017 Durga Puja Celebration 3. BOMIKHAL

Bimikhal Bhubaneswar Durga Puja Celebration


Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar Durga Puja Celebration


Ganganagar, Bhubaneswar Durga Puja Celebration 


JHARPADA, Bhubaneswar Durga Puja Celebration


NAYAPALLI, Bhubaneswar 2017 Durga Puja Celebration


PALASUNI, Bhubaneswar 2017 Durga Puja Celebration/Pandal

Few other places worth mentioning: Baramunda, Old Station Square etc. One should spend time at night to watch the captivating lightening and decorations which has been awesome this year. Other places in Odisha where Durga Puja and Deepawali is celebrated with grandeur:

  1. Rourkela
  2. Brahmapur
  3. Sambalpur
  4. Puri
  5. Balasore
  6. Bhadrak
  7. Baripada
  8. Jharsuguda
  9. Bargarh
  10. Dhenkanal
  11. Barbil
  12. Angul
  13. Jajpur
  14. Sundargarh


(Picture Courtesy: Saswat Saraph)

Kolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and Mandaps

Kolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and Mandaps

Kolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and Mandaps

Kolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and Mandaps

Kolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and MandapsKolkata Dusherra/Durga Puja 2017 Celebrations and Mandaps

And now few pics outside Odisha and Kolkata:

Bangalore, Karnataka

(Picture Courtesy: Ravi Sarangi, Shashi Mohanty)

Bangalore, 2017 Dusherra/Durga Puja MandapBangalore, 2017 Dusherra/Durga Puja MandapBangalore, 2017 Dusherra/Durga Puja Mandap

Places to go to see Pandals this Durga Puja ( in Bangalore):
  • Koramangala [Mangala Kalyana Mantapa, 8th Block, 80 Ft. Road, Opp. Ganesha Temple, Koramangala]
  • Ulsoor [ RBANMS Grounds, Ulsoor and Ramakrishna Math Ulsoor, Swami Vivekananda Road, Ulsoor]
  • Sarjapur Outer Ring Road [Sun City Apartments, Sarjapur, Outer Ring Road]
  • Indiranagar[Rajkumar Bailu Ranga Mandira, near Mallespalya Bus Stand, GM Palya Main Road]
  • JP Nagar [Sree Kala Mantap, JP Nagar, 3rd Phase]
  • Jayamahal Extension [Ladies Club Premises, Jayamahal Extension, adjacent to Jayamahal Park]
  • Kanakapura Road and many more places.

Wish all our readers a happy Dusherra/Bijaya Dashami (विजय दशमीand upcoming Diwali/Deepavali. Stay blessed and have fun.

From: Team

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Kurta, Saree and more

Top 10 Sambalpuri Cotton Saree (from Odisha) under ₹2000

Top 10 Sambalpuri Cotton Saree (from Odisha) under ₹2000

Sambalpuri Saree from western Odisha is a timeless showcase of India's heritage textile. Sambalpuri Tie/Die and Ikkat is unique and is one of it's kind. In the world of machinery and robotics, when thousands of Garments/Sarees can be produced in a single day, still Sambalpuri Saree has its own value and people who know it and love handloom they look for authentic handwoven Sarees and not printed one. When it is handwoven, you may know there are no two Sarees in the world which can be exactly same and that gives an unique & awesome feeling and human touch to what you wear and that way you feel special. Think about a Saree that you are wearing today, which is made by one weaver in a remote village near Barpali or Bargarh in his bare hands for continuous 10-15 days. By wearing these Sarees, we are able to bring food to the table of the weavers & their family (Typically, a weaver earns ₹10,000-12,000 a month). That itself gives you a sense of satisfaction. 

There is no way Sambalpuri handwoven Saree can compete with the mass-produced factory machine printed Sarees when it comes to price. But There is no comparison at all. Those who understand the value of Handloom and value man over machine, they can understand. Price is always at the higher side for these handwoven Sarees as these are handcrafted and time consuming. Anyway we have tried our best to select top 10 Cotton Sarees below ₹2000. Hope you like it and shipping is on us.


#1 ₹1580/-

#2 ₹1580/-

#3 ₹1680/-

#4 ₹1750/-


#5 ₹1750/-


#6 ₹1800/-

#7 ₹1850/-


#8 ₹1880/-

#9 ₹1900/-


#10 ₹1900/-



As these Sarees are Handwoven, below are the 2 things we want you let you know.

1) There might be slight variations as no way 2 Sarees can be exactly same. 

2) If the Saree is out of stock, we have to make a fresh one for you based on the weaver's availability if we can wait. If we can't make it, we will refund the amount in full immediately.

We hope you understand the availability difficulty when it comes to handmade products.


SharePyar Team

Sonepuri sarees

Sonepuri sarees
Popularly known as the Bomkai sarees, these are the most famous forms of Sambalpuri sarees mainly having their origins in the Bomkai region in Odisha. You would be able to find Bomkai sarees made of silk as well as those made of cotton. This is one saree that has inspired a lot of fashion designers and fashionistas.  There are several celebrities who have donned beautiful Bomkai sarees for special events. In the past, Bomkai sarees were mainly made for the family of the Kings. Bomkai sarees were and still are great symbols of luxury. Be it the stunning designs or the unique yarn and the fabric material, every aspect of the Bomkai sarees talks for itself. Fish, which was believed to be a symbol of fame and victory, can be seen as a part of the design in some part of the saree. Like the Pasapali sarees, Bomkai too comes with uniquely done borders. One unique aspect that distinguishes the Bomkai sarees is the border which carries designs primarily like repetitive temple like structure or diamonds, pots or beads. With the evolving fashion trends, Bomkai sarees today have in them a lot of contemporary designs as well.
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Significance of Jewelry in Indian Wedding (North & South India)

Significance of Jewelry in Indian Wedding (North & South India)

India has a rich cultural heritage and jewelry has been an inseparable segment of our culture. Talk about weddings, the one thing that comes to mind is the grand bridal jewelry. Every girl looks forward to wearing all the beautiful bridal jewelry popular in the culture in that particular region. In the North as well as in the South, the traditions of bridal jewelry vary. If there is one thing common among all the bridal jewelry traditions in India, it is the fact that all of them are spectacular.

Each piece of jewelry a bride wears on D-day has a story, a significance behind it. Mangalsutra, the actual symbol of marriage in most traditions, toe ring, and maang tikka are some of the most common pieces of jewelry you would find in brides all over India. These are not just to ornate the already beautiful bride but come with rich historical significance associated with them.


"Mangalyam tantunanena mama jivana hethuna

Kanthe badhnami subhage twam jeeva sarada satam"

Mangalsutra Earring Set - Material: Metal, black beads, cubic zirconia

While the priest chants this mantra the whole family and loved ones bless the new couple as the groom dons the mangalsutra on the bride’s neck. This is the prime segment of any Hindu wedding. Do you know the significance behind this tradition?

The Sanskrit mantra above means that the groom ties the sacred thread around the neck of the special one, which is significant in blessing the groom with a long life and the couple, several happy years of togetherness ahead. Once this is done, the couples go around the sacred fire marking the beginning of their beautiful journey ahead- a bond that would last for several births to come.

The design of the mangalsutra varies across India. It goes by different names in different states. In several parts of Northern India, it is a black beaded chain with a pendant, in Tamil Nadu – it’s called Thali and consists of a gold chain or yellow thread with a magalsutra pendant that varies in different regions, Minnu and Thali in Kerala, Ramar Thaali in Andhra Pradesh, Mangalya Sutra in Karnataka and more.

Besides the mangalsutra, some traditions also have the ritual where the bride wears a toe ring.


Toe Ring and its significance:

Various names:

  • Hindi- bichiya
  • Tamil- metti
  • Telugu- mettelu
  • Kannada- kalangura

In most of the traditions, toe rings are worn in silver and in pairs on both the feet- on the second toe. There are contemporary designs available now for the modern women. It is not just a symbol of marriage- there are several traditional significances associated with toe-ring. Even in the great Epic of Ramayan, we have heard of the anecdote where Sita left her toe ring on her way when Ravan abducted her to help Rama track her down. So the history of toe-rings in Hindu culture dates back to several centuries earlier. As all the major nerve endings of the body end in toes, there are several medical benefits too behind wearing toe-rings.

The other popular pieces you would find in the Indian bridal jewelry are:

  1. Maang tikka:

This is a small chain with a pendant which is worn such that the pendant falls on the center of the forehead. Various parts of the body are known to house various chakras. The “Ajna chakra” is believed to be present on the forehead. Wearing a maang tikka symbolizes the union of the female and the male elements- the union where all differences are overcome.

  1. Bangles:

The uniform circular shape of the bangles is believed to regularize the blood circulation not to forget the feminine clanking sound of several bangles worn together. In modern culture, large chunky bangles and cuffs are easy style statements. But in an Indian wedding, these form an integral part of the bridal outfit. Iron bangles with gold plating are gifted by the Bengali mother-in-laws to their daughter-in-laws. Some traditions also offer ivory bangles. In some regions, traditional bangles that have been in the family for generations are offered to the new bride.

  1. Earrings:

In Hindu culture, it is believed that wearing earrings can reduce the risk of evil energies that might enter the body through the ears. This is the reason why ear-piercing ceremonies are held where babies ears are pierced. A significant acupuncture point is also believed to be located on the ear, the point where the ear is pierced.

Besides these, necklaces, rings, anklets are some of the common jewelry pieces worn by the bride. These are the ones which are worn even on other occasions. Here are some of the less common ones which are uniquely worn during the wedding:


Mostly in gold, embellished with pearls and gemstones, the waistband can be a stiff belt or chain worn to accentuate the waist on the bridal saree or lehenga. And the navel is where the Manipura chakra is located.

The Armlet:

Also known as bajuband comes either as a chain or a stiff armlet worn on the arms. This adds a notable grandeur to the bridal outfit and is usually chosen in colors to coordinate with the other jewelry pieces.


This is worn as a chain connected between the bangles or bracelets to one or more finger rings. On the fresh mehndi on the bride’s hands, the haathphool adds an elegant touch. These come in traditional Kundan designs as well as contemporary styles to suit every type of bride.

"Naath" or Nose Ring:

Many Indian women wear a small nose ring or nose stud as part of their outfit on most occasions. This again is due to the acupuncture point located on the place where the nose is pierced. At weddings, especially in the north, an ornamental large nose ring is worn as a part of the bridal outfit. This is, in fact, one piece of jewelry that instantly adds so much of oomph to the entire bridal outfit.

So the next time you are at a wedding, remember to observe these unique pieces of jewelry the bride wears.

India Wedding Jewelry - Awesome

Pendants – A guide to get the best one

Pendants – A guide to get the best one

Contemporary gold plated copper alloy with american diamonds Pendant Sets

Pendants have a special place among jewelry. They are both stylish and alluring. Made from different materials, pendants are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are excellent pieces of statement jewelry which alone can accentuate the personality and style of the wearer. If you have plans to buy a pendant, read on to know the different types of jewelry pendants and what to look for when buying these exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Types of pendants

People wear pendants for various reasons. For some, it is just another piece of jewelry that they like to wear with a beautiful chain. Some wear pendants because it holds some sentimental value; it may be a gift from a dear one or a family heirloom. There are others who wear religious symbols as pendants as part of their faith. Some traditions and cultures also require people to wear particular pendants to identify their community or class, social status, marital status, etc.

Pendants come in all shapes and sizes. There are heart shaped pendants which symbolize love and commitment, huge tribal pendants made of skull or bones, small fancy pendants in the shape of letters, names, numbers, animals, birds, and even cartoon and comics characters. You can even turn the pictures and photos of your children or loved ones or celebrities into pendants of varying shapes and sizes.

There are pendants that are made exclusively for both genders. The most common jewelry pendants that you can buy for little girls may include small heart shaped pendants, Barbie doll pendants, cartoon pendants like Mickey Mouse or Tweety bird, teddy bear pendants, flower shaped pendants, their own photos enclosed in beautiful stone studded frames, star shaped pendants, musical symbols, name pendants, number or letter pendants, kitten or puppy pendants, butterfly pendants, fairy pendants, girl shaped pendants, angel pendants, single stone studded or pearl pendants, etc. Pendants that you can give to little boys can be in the shape of their playthings like bat and ball, miniature vehicles, cartoon superheroes, wild animals, adventure symbols, sports pendants, musical instruments, etc. In fact, many of the pendants listed for girls can also be given to boys like heart pendants, star pendants, name and number pendants, and the like. Older men and women may also use these pendants. Pendants that ward off evil eye are also very popular; some cultures make it customary to wear such pendants, especially for kids.

Stone studded pendants are the most sought after type of jewelry pendants. Among these diamond pendants rank the top. Whether it is a huge diamond solitaire or a series of twinkling small diamonds, these precious stone pendants have a class of its own. Sometimes the diamond solitaire is surrounded by smaller accent stones which are either diamonds or other precious or semi-precious stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, moonstones, garnets, etc. These gemstones alone can form beautiful pendants. Just like diamond solitaire, a single large gem may be used as the pendant or as a centre stone surrounded by smaller stones of the same variety or different type as per the designer’s and buyer’s choice.

Sometimes pendants are used as statement jewelry. When used like this, they are really huge in size and are paired with simple chains and other small items of jewelry to get prominence. They are mainly large gemstone pendants, antique pendants, tribal pendants, vintage pendants, beaded pendants, clay or other natural material pendants, and so on. Sometimes these statement accessories have uncommon and unconventional styles and designs that are quite unique. These are especially meant for informal occasions and celebrations though some people wear them to work or in daily life. Bridal jewelry can include one such statement pendant to enhance the appeal and charm of the bride’s costume and style.

How to buy pendants

You may buy pendants alone or pendants and chains as a set. When you are buying inexpensive pendants separately, it is always a good idea to get a set instead of only one. Buy a matching chain or thread that goes with all the pendants so that you can wear a different one every day without spending too much for separate chains for each pendant.

If your investment is in solitaire diamond or other types of gemstones, go for quality necklaces or chains that will not mar the beauty of the pendants. A gold or platinum chain will enhance the allure of the diamond pendant. If you cannot spend too much on chains after buying the diamond pendant, consider purchasing titanium or stainless steel chains. These too have the same appeal of platinum but are much inexpensive.

Instead of buying a pre-mounted diamond pendant, you may try out the loose diamonds of various shapes and sizes, and then select an appropriate setting for it. This will give you the freedom to get the shape and size you want for your pendant.

If you do not like the showy yellow gold, you may go for white gold or silver or platinum. There are other materials like stainless steel, sterling silver, titanium, tungsten, etc. that are also very popular choices for pendants. Pearl pendants are exquisite pieces of jewelry and they have an elegant and classy look. They will go with almost all types of chains and costumes.

Fashion Jewelry are the current trend. We have got a great collection of different types of pendants matching your fashion and budget needs.


Pendant sets are a great gift for any occasions like Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day or any other gifting days or festivals. We have a great variety of pendants available to match your fashion quotient and gifting appetite.

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Valentine’s Day celebration ideas

Valentine’s Day celebration ideas

Happy Valentines Day - Valentine’s Day celebration ideas

With just a month to go for Valentine’s Day, you must already be wondering how to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one for the love of your life. So why all the fuss about this day? Why assign a day to express love? This celebration has a deep rooted history that revolves around St. Valentine. Do you know how exactly it all began?

There are several versions of the mysterious story of St. Valentine from the ancient Roman Empire. One version says that when Emperor Claudius II imposed a ban on the marriage of soldiers, St. Valentine covertly got them married to their soulmates. Another version talks about how he was a martyr who gave up his life helping prisoners escape the Roman prisons. There is one other version of a story that says that an imprisoned Valentine sent a first hand-written letter to the love of his lie, the jailor’s daughter, just before he died. His letter was signed “From your Valentine”. This is said to be the reason behind the origin of the tradition of sending letters to one’s Valentine on the 14th of February.

Whether or not you know the story well, this is yet another day to stop, slow down and really show your love that you care. This is one of the days that sees the highest sale of gifts in the year.

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”- Charles M. Schulz

So, yes, your soulmate already knows that you love him/ her. But that shouldn’t stop you from doing something to make them feel special and make them feel loved all over again. Here are some of the interesting ways in which this day is celebrated in various countries. You could probably use one of these ideas to make Valentine’s Day this year one of the most memorable ones.

  • France:

Which better place to start with than this romantic nation! The tradition of sending out Valentine cards originated in this country. The Duke of Orleans who was under confinement in London, he sent love notes to his wife. Till today, one of the main traditions the French follow is to send out cards to their Valentine.

  • Denmark:

This is one of the countries where the day is still celebrated with an ancient Danish touch. Besides giving “lover’s card” (musical and vibrant ones), people gift their valentine pressed white flowers popularly called Snowdrops.

  • Japan:

This country has a rather interesting version of Valentine’s Day that goes for a month. On the 14th of February, women give their men chocolates, flowers or gifts. They are very particular about skipping store bought chocolates and making them at home by themselves. A month later, on the 14th of March, men now shower their women with chocolates and gifts. This day is also called “White Day”. Now that is an interesting way to do it!

  • Wales:

Here, honoring the Welsh patron of love, Saint Dwynwen the day of love is celebrated on the 25th of January. On this day, men gifted their love a hand-carved wooden spoon. Each intricately carved design bore a different meaning.

  • South Africa:

Here they literally wear their hearts on their sleeves. The women, on the 14th of February, clip the name of the ones they love on the sleeves of their shirt. Thus, men would even get to know about their secret admirers.

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day. A gift is not the only way to make your Valentine feel special. Here are some interesting ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Love jar:

Take the traditional love notes to the next level. Fill up a jar with 365 adorable and honest love notes for your love. Let him read one each day until the next Valentine’s Day to give him a smile every day for the rest of the year.

A whole day of “gadget”- free outing:

Arrange for a day-out to some new place. Leave behind all your gadgets- your mobile phones and cameras. No- you do not always have to click a picture to remember the moment you can also record them in your heart. Spend a full day without distractions.

Customized photo gifts – the all-time classic:

This is one gift that has been quite popular for some time now. You could make photo collages, personalized coffee mugs, desk calendars and more. Another option is a couple mug or couple t-shirt.

Handmade gifts and handmade cards:

These are the truly personal ones. Even a gift bought with a million bucks wouldn’t match a single handwritten note or a handmade card. Writing letters is a beautiful custom which our generation has long forgotten. Bringing it alive on Valentine’s Day can make this day extra special.

Bouquet of handpicked flowers:

Walk into your garden. Pick random flowers and craft a bouquet yourself. This has a uniqueness to it than a store bought one. If you do not have a garden, well, walk into a flower shop and get one customized the way you want.

Candle light dinner- the fool-proof winner:

This remains as one of the most romantic things to do on the Valentine’s Day. Reserve a table in a new place. Avoid popular restaurants which might be crowded. Look for one that is far from your place and relatively less crowded. This way you can also have a nice drive and then a calm candle light dinner. Of course, surprising her at the table with a chocolate hamper, her favorite music band and more are added perks that would fetch you brownie points.

No matter what you do, remember to keep it new and original. Even the most interesting copied ideas would fail to the most boring yet totally original ideas. There are options to book an experience as a gift, like say an adventure sport or a drive in a luxury car and more. You could even get crazy and book a flash mob. There are many ways to express love. Choose one that might sweep your Valentine off his/her feet and make the 14th of February this year the best day of both of your lives.

Top 10 Gifting days

Top 10 Gifting days

Gifts for all Occassion

All year round, we celebrate several special occasions to express our gratitude, love, and respect for all the special relationships in our life. Here are some of the most popularly celebrated days of the year and ideas of gifts for each of them:

  1. Mother’s day:

No gift to your Mother can ever equal her gift to you - Life

If there is one job that goes 24 x 7, all year round yet gets no appraisal or acknowledgments, it is the role of a mother. On mother’s day, we take it as an opportunity to thank and honor mothers all over the world. It is popularly celebrated in the months of May or March on various days in more than 40 countries. In India, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.


The first ever concept of Mother’s day as in the recent times was introduced after Anna Jarvis, in 1908 declared a day to commemorate her mother. Later by 1914, the second Sunday of May was declared as Mother’s Day.

Gift ideas:

  • The perfect gift to give your mother is evidently your time. Of course, a pretty watch to remind her how special she is each and every moment would also make a great gift.
  • A handmade card with a handwritten note would be a memorable gift worth cherishing.
  • Jewelry is one of the top choices when it comes to mother’s day gifts.
  • A useful kitchen appliance that can make her work easy.


  1. Valentine’s day:

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.

Celebrated with a lot of pomp and fervor, Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February. It is named after a Catholic priest, Saint Valentine.


Earlier there was a time when Roman soldiers were not allowed to marry according to the rule laid down by Emperor Claudius. Saint Valentine secretively arranged for the marriage of these soldiers. As he helped them connect with their soulmates, the day was named Valentine’s Day and celebrated as a day to celebrate love.

Gift Ideas:

  • Jewelry, sarees, and clothes are easy gifts. Especially a unique handcrafted saree can really be special.
  • A collage of all your favorite pictures personalized gifts like photo mugs
  • Red roses and chocolate hampers are the most popular choices
  • A romantic candlelight dinner in an exotic hotel
  • Love notes and plushies make adorable gifts as well.


  1. Father’s day:

One father is more than a hundred Schoolmasters

Celebrated in over 60 countries on different dates, in India - on the third Sunday of June, there different reasons which people quote behind the origins of this day. In the present day, it is unanimously celebrated to respect and show gratitude to the father of the family who toils all his life to keep his family happy.


A veteran of the American Civil war, William Jackson Smart, raised his 6 children all by himself as a single parent. To honor his life and to remember the sacrifices he made, his daughter Sonora Smart Dodd celebrated the first ever Father’s Day on June 19, 1910.

Gift Ideas:

  • A classic watch is always a favorite gift that most people buy as Father’s day gift.
  • Men’s accessories- a chic pair of cufflinks or a bracelet or even fashion accessories like a wallet
  • A father’s day trophy gift or a personalized coffee mug to make his mornings special
  • Grooming essentials


  1. Children’s day:

Children are the hands by which we take hold of the heaven

Dedicated for the children all over, this too has a different story in each country. In India however, this has a whole new meaning to it. We celebrate it on the 14th of November in commemoration of the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who loved children.


Globally, the story behind Children’s Day dates back to 1856. In June, on the second Sunday, Dr. Charles Leonard from Chelsea, dedicated this day to all the children in the world. The earlier names given to it were Rose Day, Flower Sunday and later, it got the current name, Children’s Day.

Gift Ideas:

  • Toys, of course, would be the first choice for kids. Choose a toy based on your kid’s interests.
  • Musical instruments for the budding musicians
  • Books are the most valuable gifts you could give kids.


  1. Friendship day:

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

Originally popular in South America, it is now celebrated worldwide in several countries. In India, it is celebrated in August on the first Sunday.


The first ever Friendship Day celebration dates back to 1935 when this day was declared as a day to honor friends by the US Congress. There are other stories that propose Friendship Day has been in existence from 1919.

Gift ideas:

  • People tie friendship bands as a part of the celebrations. You could also get a funky bracelet in place of a friendship band so that it could also be worn as a fashion accessory later.
  • You might already know your friends likes and dislikes better. Get something related to what your friend is passionate about.
  • When it comes to friendship day, handmade and handcrafted gifts are the best options. These have a more personal touch to make your friend feel loved.


  1. International Women’s day:

Women are the real architects of society

As mother’s day salutes the mothers in the world, Women’s day honors all the women. Men make the women in their life feel honored and shower them with gifts on this day.


One of the popular versions talks about how back in 1914, on the 8th of March, a day was declared to honor women and to fight for their equality and their right to vote. March 8th also happened to mark the day several other women all over the world held protests and strikes for various reasons in their own countries.

Gift Ideas:

  • Clothing and jewelry are the most popular gifts that most men choose for Women’s day.
  • Women often forget to care for themselves in their busy life. So use this day to let them wind down with a personal care package or a picnic.
  • Flowers work with most women. A bunch of handpicked flowers is sure to bring a smile on their face.


  1. Teacher’s day:

Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges

A good teacher can bring out the best in every student. So to remember the teachers everywhere, to thank them for having impacted our lives for good, Teacher’s day is celebrated on September 5th annually on the birthday of the second President of India, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. Here are some ways to show your teacher’s your gratitude and admiration:

  • Younger kids choose to give handmade cards or gifts to their teachers
  • A thank you card is the simplest way to bring a smile on your teacher’s face.
  • Desk accessories


  1. Earth day:

The good man is the friend of all living things

Celebrated on April 22nd worldwide, this day is to remind each one of us to remember to conserve the environment and the resources. Over 193 countries all over observe Earth Day to unanimously stand to protect the earth.

On this day, you could remind yourself to go eco-friendly. You could gift your friends, plant saplings to encourage afforestation. You could start buying more eco-friendly products.


On April 22, 1970, a teach-in was held with a view to talking about the environmental issues. This day was then declared and has been celebrated as the Global Earth Day.


  1. Grandparents Day:

Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting, Grandfathers are just antique little boys

Nearly 15 countries observe grandparents day on different days. In India, it is not a very popular celebration but there are few who do remember and celebrate this day to honor their grandparents as the bond between the grandparents and the grandchildren is unique.


Marian McQuade first celebrated a special day dedicated to the senior citizens to honor their contributions to the society. In 1973 the National Grandparents Day was officially declared as a holiday.

Gift Ideas:

  • To remind the senior members of the family how everything gets beautiful with age, you could get your grandma a beautiful antique jewelry set.
  • Also, handcrafted gifts which bear the significance of our rich ancient culture would make perfect gifts for the senior members
  • A photo album dedicated to them with all the memorable photographs of their generation and the next generations would be a gift they would love treasuring.


  1. Boss’ Day:

Don’t blame the boss. He has enough problems

This is celebrated on or around the 16th of October in India, the US, Canada and Lithuania. Employees take the time to express their gratitude to their bosses on this day. The main purpose why this day was declared was to strengthen the rapport between employees and the employer. Most employees just look at the negative aspects in their bosses and fail to acknowledge their efforts. So on the boss’ day, every employee should think of all the good things their boss does as a good leader.


In 1958, for the very first time, Patricia Bays Haroski who was working with the State Farm Insurance Company, registered a day to honor the bosses. Her boss was her father and so she chose his birthday, the 16th of October as the Boss’ Day.

Gift Idea:

  • Coffee mugs or desk accessories with Boss’ quotes would make easy choices of gifts
  • If you know about your boss’ interests, give them something that brings out their deep buried passion for reminding them that they deserve their time off.
  • Office essentials, desk organizers, Desk decors or even an indoor desk plant can make great gifts. Every time they look at these it would keep reminding them that their efforts are appreciated.

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