Bamboo Handicraft

 Bamboo Art - How it is done?

It's a small village in the Western part of Odisha ( State in the Eastern Part of India ) where it is hard to believe a community of people ( almost entire village ) produces this kind of artistic products from Bamboo. When I saw their art for the first time, I was mesmerized, all manual work. It was unbelievable to see what a bare hand can produce. They have been doing this art for years and that may be the trick, but still ..

We at SharePyar have collaborated with them to get their products to the entire world, which was earlier not visible outside and their work had never been appreciated by anyone. They still are poor and do this part time these days as there is no demand of their product around their area. So we at SharePyar want to showcase their art to a wider audience & in this process it will give them a regular earning stream.

How these products are made:

1) Bamboo Tree

Bamboo Plant

 2) Bamboo Roots

Bamboo Roots

3) Instruments used 

Instruments used to clean Bamboo Roots

4) After Bamboo Roots are polished 

After Bamboo Roots are polished

5) The polished roots are given a shape by joining as required.

Cleaned Bamboo roots are joined

6) Each body part are made with minute detail

Bamboo Craft detailing


7) Small parts need more care

Bamboo Craft minute detailing

8) Flame is applied to give a natural shade of color 

Bamboo Craft - Flame allied for coloring

9) The parts are carefully glued together

Bamboo parts are carefully glued together

10) Final touches are given

Bamboo handicraft - Final touches

11) Here you go .. after couple of days of hard work finally the piece of art is ready.

Bamboo handicraft - American Eagle final product

Animals ( Dinosaurs, Elephant, Crocodile etc) , Birds ( Eagle, Peacock etc)  are the most liked ones ..

We will be adding more items soon. Thanks for visiting
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