Baby Shower (गोद भराई) Tips and Gift guide

Baby Shower (गोद भराई) Tips and Gift guide

Baby shower gifts and newborn gift ideas

Baby Shower (गोद भराई) Tips and Gift guide


Baby shower in India:

Every woman deserves to be pampered when she is pregnant. A baby shower is one of the most important events any pregnant woman looks forward to. In India, baby shower ceremony is popularly known as “Godh bharai” ( गोद भराई ) in Hindi or “seemandham” or “valakappu” in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The Indian version of a baby shower is different in a lot of ways. But still, the purpose remains the same- celebrating the joyous occasion and pampering the pregnant woman.

The story behind godh bharai:

The transitional phase of a woman becoming a mom itself is enough reason for celebration. It is said that after the 7th month, the baby and the mother enter a safe phase. For all the pains the mother takes to carry the baby all through her pregnancy, she deserves to be taken care of. So the godh bharai ritual was started as an occasion for people in the family to make the pregnant mother feel special.

When and how is the function held?

In most regions, the baby shower is held in the 7th or 9th month of pregnancy. There are religious rituals held to pray for the well-being of the mom and the baby. The near and dear ones gather and arrange for a small family gathering and shower the pregnant woman with love and gifts. She is also fed all her favorite meals and pampered in every possible way.

Some of the common rituals performed in baby shower functions in India are:

  • The pregnant mom is anointed with special medicinal oils that can promote several benefits for the mom and the baby.
  • New sarees, jewels and lots more are offered to allow the pregnant mother to dress up and feel good
  • Small religious pooja is performed to pray for the good health of the mom and baby duo as well as to ward off negativities
  • In many regions, only the women in the family gather for the function
  • This is how the ceremony begins. The relatives and friends then fill up the pregnant woman’s lap with gifts, sweets etc.
  • There is then singing, dancing, games and a lot of fun.

This fun and frolic is exactly what a woman would need to make her merry as she enters her third and final trimester of pregnancy. 

Tips to arrange for a great baby shower for your loved one:

If you are arranging for the baby shower of a friend or a relative, make sure that you prepare the whole party to be one where the pregnant mom would feel like the prima dona. Here are few ideas to keep in mind for the baby shower:

  • Keep the function brief. The pregnant mom might find it difficult to sit for long hours
  • Arrange for interactive yet easy games that can make the whole event a lot of fun
  • Prepare a list of gifts that the new mom might need and inform the guests so that you could all buy stuff that the new mom would really need.

Baby shower gift ideas:

In most cases, baby shower gifts would be for the baby rather than for the mom. But remember that the mom deserves to be pampered too. Here are a few gifts you could get for the pregnant mom:

  • Some nice and comfortable nursing wear or maternity wear clothes- a pregnant mom might hardly find to shop for herself.
  • Jewelry for the pregnant mother- look for light jewelry made of fine hypoallergenic materials.
  • A nursing pillow which can be a great help for both the mom and the baby
  • A trendy diaper bag- instead of the conventional diaper bag, get a trendy one that can make a fashionable handbag for the mother too.
  • A day at the spa or a foot massage coupon for the mother. She might really need it in her final trimester.

New born baby gifts:

When it comes to buying gifts for the baby either for the baby shower or after the baby is born, you have a long list of items to choose from. Here are few baby gifts you could get for the baby shower before the baby is born:

  1. A baby carrier: This is one of the most useful gifts you could get to let the mom and the baby have their cuddles. Babywearing is beneficial to both the mom and the baby.
  2. A baby stroller: After delivery, regular walks are recommended. A baby stroller might come in handy for the mother to go on walks with her little one.
  3. Nursery furniture: A newborn cradle, baby crib, a baby bouncer can all make great gifts for the baby.
  4. Play mat and toys: Babies would need a lot of tummy time. So an entertaining baby play gym and toys make wonderful gifts. Teething toys, rattles which aren’t too loud are great toys for the babies in the first few months.

The best part about these gifts is that all above gifts you could get even before the baby is born and they do not have to depend on the baby’s gender. But when it comes to buying clothes for the baby, you might want to consider the baby’s gender. So a newborn baby clothing essentials combo can make great gifts to be bought after the baby is born.

Newborn baby clothing essentials:

Getting baby clothes is a favorite gifting option. Here are few clothing essentials that are absolutely necessary for the first few months:

  1. Onesies and rompers:

No matter what the weather is, a newborn might have to be kept warm and protected the first few weeks. Onesies and rompers are great for that.

  1. Swaddling blanket:

Babies sleep better when swaddled. A swaddling blanket can save the new mom a lot of time and efforts.

  1. Suits / sets:

A set of shirt and shorts or pajamas (depending on the weather) would be a no-fail gift. When you get them in neutral colors like green, yellow, peaches and more, they could be used for both boys and girls

  1. Caps, gloves, mittens and booties:

This is a classic gift to get for a newborn for the first 3 months irrespective of the weather. For babies, 3 months or older, however, caps and mittens might not always be necessary if the weather is too hot.

  1. Modern Cloth diapers and nappies:

This is one of the best gifts to get for a newborn. Given the frequent nappy changes they might need, the modern cloth diapers can make the work of a new mom a whole lot easy

Our collection of newborn gifting essentials can give you a lot of options to choose from ranging from woolen mittens which can make great gifts for the winter and clothing gift sets for boys and girls.


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  • Preeti - March 23, 2018

    Most Indian homes and to-be-mums do not accept gifts for te unborn child. Since God Bharai is typically held in the 7th month, the gifts for the baby is not really possible. Would you suggest some good gifts for the mother to be. Its very difficult to get recommendations.

  • Vinita Goyal - February 20, 2018

    Few questions. Do we have a concept of godh bharai return gifts? If yes, how to do godh bharai gifts packing, particularly what are the creative ways to wrap a large baby shower gift? When we plan for baby shower gifts for mum to be, do we need to plan for any gift for the father-to-be or grandparents-to-be :-) ?

  • Narendra Chandan Pandey - November 23, 2017

    God Bharai is a religious ceremony. Close family & friends, generally married women are invited to bless the mother-to-be and the unborn baby.

  • Narendra Krisnamurty - November 14, 2017

    Baby Shower in India ? I don’t think so. Good article though. Would love to see more of these. How Godg Bhari is clebrated in different parts of India, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi or Chennai etc ?

  • Ariyana Sundar - October 01, 2017

    Thanks for the post. Liked it. Wanted to see more Baby Gifts & Newborn Baby Gift Sets for Boy products in your online store.Keep it up.

    Ariyana @ New Delhi

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