Choose Right Accessories For Sarees - A Guide

Choose Right Accessories For Sarees - A Guide

The 9 yards of elegance is a perfect embodiment of feminine elegance and has been a significant part of Indian traditional clothing for thousands of years. This ethnic piece of clothing means different things to different people. To some, a saree is the go-to option for an ethnic day at the office. To others, a saree is the perfect way to rock any special occasion. To some, it is simply a nostalgic symbol of the childhood days of watching mom effortlessly drape a saree and look like a princess and dreaming about wearing one in future and looking as pretty as her! No matter what a saree means to you it is an undeniable truth that no Indian woman’s wardrobe is complete without a collection of some pretty sarees.

There are a million ways to drape a saree, a billion ways to style it up and gazillion ways to accessorize it. It is surprising how the choice of accessories can instantly give a whole different character to the same saree. Whether you are wearing a saree to work or to a special event it takes the right accessories to perfectly achieve the desired effect and to help you showcase your sartorial style.

How to choose accessories for saree

Choose the right style of drape

The way the saree is draped itself has so much to do with the final outcome. The choice of the drape style would often depend on the actual occasion for which the saree is worn, the fabric of the saree and the regional saree style followed as well. But then there are also some bold new ways that the Indian celebrities and fashionistas have recently established which are too good to ignore.

Choose the right color

Along with the type of accessories chosen the colors chosen also have a huge impact on the looks. Going monotone and matching the color from head to toe is an outdated trend now. The key is to mix and match the perfect color palette by finding the perfect blend of colors that complement each other and bring out your refined style.

Choose accessories based on the occasion

Before getting into the accessories that are to be added, understanding the type of accessories to add would be a good place to start. And we reiterate the importance of accessories because without the right accessories the whole outfit might look incomplete or out of place and end up to be a big fashion disaster. The choice of accessories would heavily rely on the occasion for which the saree is worn. After all heavily accessorizing the saree might not be a good choice especially if you are wearing one to the office.

Choose accessories based on the saree and the drape style

The drape style and the actual design and fabric of the saree should all be taken into consideration while choosing the accessories. Heavy traditional jewelry on a simple daily wear saree or hippie accessories on a traditional saree might not be a good choice after all. But once in a while mixing and matching trends, to some extent, can help achieve a noticeably unique effect.

Accessories that complement a saree

  1. Jewelry- earrings:

Smart Women earring accessories

What jewelry to wear with saree is one of the first questions that most women have when they have to wear a saree. We see an influx of several new trends in jewelry every single day. So you now have a lot of options when it comes to choosing jewelry to wear with your saree. A simple yet artistic handloom saree paired with a minimalist earring, say a pair of stud earrings would make a lovely choice for a workday. American diamond earrings also make worthy investments as they can be worn to work as well as when you wear a saree to a party. When we talk about earrings to be worn with a saree nothing beats our traditional Jhumkas. Jhumkas in oxidized silver, especially chunky ones are currently a rage in fashion. And the best part is that these can be worn with any ethnic attire. Terracotta earrings would make great choices for work wear. And traditional jewelry like Polki and Kundan earrings as well as the recently popular silk thread earrings would be the easiest options to help you grab eyeballs in a special occasion, say at a wedding.

  1. Jewelry- necklace:

Smart women Necklace

Then comes the eye-grabbing detail of the outfit, the necklace. The rules of choosing a necklace are very much similar to that of choosing the earrings. Buying necklace sets with matching earrings would make your decision simpler and would make sure that the earring and necklace do not look misfit.

  1. Bindi:

Be it a small stone bindi or a large red bindi you can bring out the charm of your saree by pairing it with the perfect bindi which forms a crucial part of this traditional ensemble.

  1. Footwear:

Husband and Wife Shoes/Footware

Most of the saree fails happen with the wrong choice of footwear. Sneakers and ballet shoes paired with saree might all sound cool but they do not do justice to this elegant outfit. Traditional footwear like Mojari shoes would be great for an ethnic effect and for a simpler and sleeker look nothing better than stiletto heels or peep toes for a fool-proof option.

  1. Bags and clutches:

Bright Red Clutch for modern smart women

Ditch your backpack and hobos and go for a stunning shimmer sling bag or clutch if you are wearing a saree to a party. And nothing better than the ethnic silk bags and clutches to finish the looks for an all-ethnic diva.

Besides choosing the right set of accessories it is also important to focus on the choice of the blouse design. Designer blouses themselves can easily accessorize the saree and give it a totally different look. Also, keep a check on the blouse fitting. And finally, when you have put together all the appropriate accessories you can also choose to add some bling by adding extra accessories like a Maangtikka, a belt or the traditional waist chain and broaches. There are contemporary as well as ethnic designs in these to suit different occasions.

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