Demonetization in India- Go for American Diamond - "White"

Demonetization in India- Go for American Diamond - "White"

Gold prices take a hit due to demonetization- we have American Diamonds that make better gifts

The whole nation seems to be chanting one word unanimously- “Demonetization”. Enough has been seen and heard about the impacts of the sudden ban on the currency notes. The whole nation is supporting a major cause to make all the money in our country “white”. Gold is something that takes a terrible blow in this whole process.

How does demonetization impact gold rates?

Soon after the ban on higher denominations was announced, a lot of people flooded the gold jewelry shops so as to exchange their stash of 500s and 1000s for gold. This lead to an unexpected chaos in the “gold” sector. The prices of gold have remained uncertain because of that. Few jewelry shop owners started selling gold at higher prices accepting old currency notes. The sudden rise in demand has affected the gold prices. Those with black money resorted to converting it to gold and other forms of investment.

There are a lot of vendors and bookies making the most out of the situation and thus increasing the prices of gold. But in the longer run, once the heat of the situation cools down, the prices of gold might settle down.

The other issues with purchasing gold:

While many gold shops have remained closed, many vendors have misused the situation. The higher prices they quote is a premium they earn in helping those with black money convert them to gold. This has come to the notice of the government and stricter inspections have been done on gold shops. There have been raids and other measures to culminate such illegal transactions.

The other main issue is that there have been speculations and rumors that the government might soon impose stringent laws related to the possession of gold. There would also be amendments related to the import of gold.

A “whiter” alternative:

With the current scenario causing the gold market to go haywire it might not be a great time to invest in gold. Even otherwise, there are a lot of fluctuations in the gold market and a lot of risks involved. Buying artificial American Diamond jewelry can be the next best alternative. Most of the gold purchases done are in the form of jewelry.

Gone is the time when only a piece of gold jewelry can make you look grand. The trends have changed. The current generation is not very fond of traditional gaudy gold jewelry. Instead of gold, the current generation loves Antique jewelry, Dhokra jewelry, Terracotta jewelry and the versatile and grand American Diamond jewelry.

What is American Diamond (AD)?

American Diamonds are Cubic Zirconia crystals that possess the beauty and luster of real diamonds. These synthetic stones are a less expensive alternative to diamonds. These man made gems are known for their craftsmanship that makes them appear no less than a real diamond. As the trends keep changing every day, investing in a single piece of expensive jewelry might not be a great choice. A much clever option is to consider American Diamond jewelry that only looks expensive but can be light on your pocket.

Why real diamonds are not really great:

There is always a great hype around diamonds and how it is every girl’s best friend. But if you dive deep into the logic, real diamonds might not be a great investment after all.

  1. If you look into the history of diamonds, there was once a time when an artificial demand was created for diamonds and this resulted in the present day illusion that diamonds are rare. This is also the reason behind the sky-high prices.
  2. Diamonds aren’t great as investments. Their intrinsic value or resale value is almost nil.

Why spend your hard earned money on a single piece of real diamond jewelry while you can get equally brilliant looking American Diamond jewelry at much lower prices?

So what is so great about American Diamonds?

American Diamonds have had an exponential increase in their popularity. Here are a few reasons why:

  • There have been several crystals synthesized to act as an alternative to diamond. But cubic zirconia has been the most successful alternative ever found. The clarity and the cuts made on these stones make it difficult to tell apart a real diamond and a meticulously crafted American Diamond.
  • American Diamonds possess the clarity and luster that the highest grades of diamonds possess.
  • Several astrologers claim that American Diamonds bring good luck to the wearer.
  • Due to the versatility of American Diamonds, the range of American Diamond jewelry you can find is pretty extensive.
  • Colorless flawless American Diamonds can be easily purchased. While similar real diamonds may be rare and pretty expensive.
  • You buy an expensive piece of diamond jewelry and if that suddenly goes out of trend, it is a huge waste of money. But as American Diamond jewelry is less expensive, you can keep stocking them as and how the trend changes.

American Diamond jewelry:

The process of making American Diamonds has evolved. This has resulted in the creation of purest forms of American Diamonds that make great choices for jewelry. Unlike many synthetic stones, American Diamonds are more durable.

Narrowing it down, jewelry is to add to the beauty. But should you really burn a huge hole in your bank balance to buy jewelry? Not really. The transparent colorless American Diamond jewelry can go well with outfits of any color. Instead of spending lakhs on gold and diamond jewelry, buying a good collection of American Diamond jewelry can keep you ready for any party.

Buying and gifting American Diamond jewelry:

Given the ever fluctuating gold rates and the poor resale value of diamonds, it is tough to come to a conclusion. You could always debate and make your choice about buying gold as an investment. But when it comes to jewelry, however, gone are the days when jewelry meant adorning yourself with gold from head to toe. The current generation also relies on jewelry with more contemporary looks which are available at much lower prices.

Check out our collection of American Diamond jewelry sets which can add so much grandeur and class to your outfit on any occasion.

We also have an exclusive collection of intricately crafted American Diamond earrings, Studs, Jhumkas, droplets, we have them all.

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