Top 10 special occasions and gift ideas

Top 10 special occasions and gift ideas

Don’t we all love giving gifts as much as we love receiving them? Gifting is always special because gifts big or small make both, the one who gives and the one who receives happy. But choosing a gift is not very easy, is it?. Don’t we all break our heads not knowing what gift to give whom and when?

 Here are few things to consider while you buy a gift for someone:

  • The occasion you are choosing the gift for. Choose a gift relevant to the occasion so that it would make a memorable possession
  • Personality of the person who would receive the gift and his / her interests. If you know the receiver well, buy something which he or she had been wanting to buy for a long time.
  • Will the gift be useful for the receiver? Give a unique gift that can make the receiver feel special
  • Do not choose a very common gift that many are likely to choose. Do not just stop with just another bouquet or a table clock any of the most common gifts that people usually buy.
  • Always give a gift that has a personal touch

The most popular special occasions for which people buy gifts are:

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to dear ...

  1. Birthday:

This evidently is the most popular gifting occasion. Birthday would be the most special day of the year for anyone young or old. And birthdays are all about cakes and gifts. Here are some tips to choose a perfect gift to make your loved one’s special extra special:

  • Prepare a list of things the person loves and narrow down those that he doesn’t yet own
  • Plan a party and really surprise the person. Given that anyone would know that they would be getting a gift for their birthday, make it a point to add a unique surprise element- arrange for a treasure hunt perhaps.
  • Book an experience as a gift. This is the new trend and it can truly make their day memorable. A skydiving experience, a day out in their favorite car or bike, or any experience that would bring out the child in them.
  • For the busy women in your life, a pamper themselves hamper would make a great gift besides clothes and jewelry. For the men personalized office or desk essentials would make great gifts.

New Baby Boy Girl at home

  1. New baby in the house:

This is definitely an occasion worth celebrating. To congratulate the new parents and to welcome the new member of the family, here are few gift ideas:

  • A complete newborn giftset is something you could never go wrong with.
  • Most people buy gifts for the baby, but do not forget the new mom too. Buy some gifts keeping the new mom in mind. A beautiful jewelry set can really make her feel special for she is the one who brought the new member home.

Husband Wife Anniversary - love each other

  1. Anniversary:

They say marriages are made in heaven but a good marriage takes two lovely people accepting each other as they are. So each anniversary is a celebration of the new relationship which is born on the day of the marriage. Here are few ideas to gift someone on their anniversary:

  • For your spouse, on your anniversary, booking a day’s outing can be both relaxing and can let you spend some quality time with each other.
  • Whether it is for your own anniversary or a friends, a personalized gift set, couple mugs, couple t-shirts, a beautiful photo frame with the best of their photos, a couple wristwatch set would make some great gifts. 

Bride Groom Wedding - fall for each other

  1. Wedding:

When two different people come together, when two families become one, what better way to celebrate and bless the newlywed couple than to give them a memorable gift?

Remember that newlyweds receive a lot of gifts to make your gift stand out, here are few tips:

  • Home decors are the most popular choices in wedding gifts. But when you do, choose something unique- how about handcrafted terracotta wall decors?
  • Gifting a couple experience gift, tickets to their favorite destination would also make it special. But do remember to check their availability on the dates and then book the tickets.

New home, Let's celebrate with a grand housewarming function

  1. Housewarming:

Housewarming ceremony is special for every family because it marks the time they move into their own little nest. So to congratulate them and to wish them the best times ahead, here are few ideas for gifts:

  • Home decors are indeed the top choices. These would help them beautify their new home.
  • Another good choice is a Vastu Ganesha to bring them some good vibes in the new house

Let's Retire and enjoy life without any stress and work pressure - ha ha ha

  1. Retirement:

When people successfully retire from their job, in a way to appreciate the hard work they had put in during their entire working tenure, here are some gifts to make them feel appreciated:

  • For the men, a classy wallet, for the women- a luxurious saree like a Sambalpuri saree would be good choices.
  • A collection of good books could also make a valuable gift for them to spend their leisure time. 

Candle lights - Festival

  1. Festivals:

The best way to celebrate any festival would be to show your love and shower your loved ones with gifts to make them feel special. Check out some great ideas of gifts for each festival on this page. What better way to spend a festival than to make your loved one feel loved?

Congratulations Wraped Gift box

  1. Congratulations:

There might be several occasions when you might buy gifts to congratulate someone, graduation, promotion, a new job, a new college admission, and lots more. Besides a congratulations card, here are few more thing you could gift:

  • A wristwatch is a classic gift to give to congratulate someone.
  • A premium pen or office accessories gift set
  • For the women, a wallet, handbag, or some jewelry that could add some value to her office wear wardrobe

flower bokeh gift - red roses

  1. Expression gifts:

These are the ones you buy for those situations like- where a loved one is ill, to wish them the best of luck to get well soon, or those when you wish good luck for someone who is about to start something new in their life like perhaps a new business or one who is going on a trip.

  • Nothing can wish someone happy journey as a good book does. Even a music player that comes in handy during their travel is a smart idea.
  • Music player is also a great gift for someone who is ill, to help them relax with some good music. A bunch of flowers, indeed tops the list when it comes to “get well soon” wishes.

American Diamond Earring Gift - Just like that gift

  1. Just like that:

No gift could be as special as one that is given with no special reason. You truly don’t need a reason or a special occasion to express your affection. Any day becomes a special day if you make your loved one feel special. Choose to give them some unique gift that can really uplift their spirits:

  • Some handcrafted jewelry like Terracotta jewelry, Dhokra jewelry, which are special on their own, can make the receiver feel extra special. You could also choose some shimmery American diamond jewelry to instantly light up anyone’s day.
  • A flower basket, a chocolate assortment, a plush toy, all are gifts that can never fail.

Plan ahead to come up with the right gift. There is no single right choice when it comes to gifts. Those that match the receiver’s personality, those with a personal touch and handmade gifts are always exceptional in comparison with most other gift options.



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