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Handloom Saree - It is elegant. It is comfortable to wear all day long. It is chic and it is all that any woman would look for. This is why sarees are so popular as workwear attires these days. Fashion trends are now changing in favor of sarees and we find this elegant drape rock even the ramps of some of the most popular designers in the country. This timeless beauty has now slowly found its way to become one of the most popular choices for working women. Of course, the material you choose and the drape style of the saree would influence the level of comfort it offers.

Why are handloom sarees so popular?

Handloom sarees have always had an unrivaled place mainly because they are known to be the easiest to carry and the most convenient to wear for longer durations. Handloom sarees are pieces of art with which you can never fail. Choosing a handloom saree would be a great decision because besides looking good you would also be doing good. Unlike the machine made versions these are still meticulously created by the weavers from all over the country. This has been their livelihood for generations and with the skills passed down over generations they manage to make their masterpieces which are prized possessions in a woman’s wardrobe. Given that each saree is handmade with the utmost care you can be assured that every single piece was crafted in a unique fashion. Especially when you choose some of the popular weaves like Ikkat, Sambalpuri sarees and others these are only made by the weavers in specific localities and so finding genuine ones would be steal deals.

Handloom sarees are known to be made of eco-friendly materials and these are safe on the skin as they contain nothing but natural fibers. So what better option would there be to keep you comfortable during a long work day! Even the dyes used would be soft on the skin, unlike chemical dyes that might irritate the skin.

Compelling reasons why you should choose a handloom saree as a workwear

  • Are you a busy working woman running all day, juggling between home and office and managing it all like a pro? Then you would definitely know how wearing an uncomfortable outfit can dampen your spirits. Handloom sarees with their flowy and breathable texture perfectly sway along with you and allow you to be on the move all the time. They also prevent you from feeling excessively warm and sweaty.
  • There might be many in your office that wear western formal outfits. Why not choose a dapper handloom saree and stand out in the crowd! You would soon become a trendsetter.
  • Have you noticed that some of the most powerful women wear sarees to some of the most popular corporate events and presentations? It is simply because it definitely gives a sense of pride in showcasing our beautiful heritage in front of the audience from all over the world! And unlike other outfits where you would have to worry about a lot of aspects like the fit. With a saree, once you pick a great saree like a handloom saree, you are all set! Of course, you need to perfectly complement it with the right accessories.
  • If you are looking for an all-season outfit, again a saree scores high. So a bunch of handloom sarees can be the best investment you ever make to upgrade your wardrobe.

Things to remember when you wear a saree to office

  1. The fabric and prints matter the most

Most people feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a saree for a professional scenario mainly because of the confusion in choosing the fabric and the prints. As a rule of thumb choose an airy fabric without too many gaudy, glossy embellishments and bold prints. A glossy fabric also might not work that well. Keeping it minimal would be the safest bet for working women. Solid shades are perfect but if you are looking for prints light prints which are not very distracting would be ideal. And to match all these criteria nothing better than a handloom saree! Lighter shades in handloom sarees, as well as dark solid hues with light prints, are the most common choices.

  1. It is all about accessories:

Then comes the choice of accessories. Bold, shimmery necklaces and earrings can all be reserved for the ethnic day at the office or for the special events and celebrations. A simple terracotta set or even an oxidized metal set would work great for a normal workday. A neutral colored leather handbag would be a perfect combination to go with a handloom saree for office.

  1. Do not ignore the footwear choices:

Stiletto heels are known to be perfect with sarees but then if you would be walking around a lot, even a simple pair of ethnic flats would work just fine.

  1. Keep the blouse simple:

Experimenting with blouse designs is better reserved for the special occasions and for the office a simple blouse would keep you comfortable all day. Solid blouses paired with light printed sarees and printed blouses paired with solid ones work pretty well. Contrasting bright colors might not be great for the office.


As strange as it might sound to some, wearing a saree and carrying yourself in a saree all day long would actually end up to be more comfortable than you think and definitely easier than choosing any other outfit, provided you choose the perfect fabric and drape style. If you have still not tried this slowly emerging trend of picking a handloom saree as an office wear, try it and be surprised. It is just a matter of few days till you master your drape style and then there would be no going back. If you do not yet have handloom sarees in your wardrobe and if you are looking to add a graceful stash of the best handloom sarees from all over India, here are some.


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