Pendants – A guide to get the best one

Pendants – A guide to get the best one

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Pendants have a special place among jewelry. They are both stylish and alluring. Made from different materials, pendants are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are excellent pieces of statement jewelry which alone can accentuate the personality and style of the wearer. If you have plans to buy a pendant, read on to know the different types of jewelry pendants and what to look for when buying these exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Types of pendants

People wear pendants for various reasons. For some, it is just another piece of jewelry that they like to wear with a beautiful chain. Some wear pendants because it holds some sentimental value; it may be a gift from a dear one or a family heirloom. There are others who wear religious symbols as pendants as part of their faith. Some traditions and cultures also require people to wear particular pendants to identify their community or class, social status, marital status, etc.

Pendants come in all shapes and sizes. There are heart shaped pendants which symbolize love and commitment, huge tribal pendants made of skull or bones, small fancy pendants in the shape of letters, names, numbers, animals, birds, and even cartoon and comics characters. You can even turn the pictures and photos of your children or loved ones or celebrities into pendants of varying shapes and sizes.

There are pendants that are made exclusively for both genders. The most common jewelry pendants that you can buy for little girls may include small heart shaped pendants, Barbie doll pendants, cartoon pendants like Mickey Mouse or Tweety bird, teddy bear pendants, flower shaped pendants, their own photos enclosed in beautiful stone studded frames, star shaped pendants, musical symbols, name pendants, number or letter pendants, kitten or puppy pendants, butterfly pendants, fairy pendants, girl shaped pendants, angel pendants, single stone studded or pearl pendants, etc. Pendants that you can give to little boys can be in the shape of their playthings like bat and ball, miniature vehicles, cartoon superheroes, wild animals, adventure symbols, sports pendants, musical instruments, etc. In fact, many of the pendants listed for girls can also be given to boys like heart pendants, star pendants, name and number pendants, and the like. Older men and women may also use these pendants. Pendants that ward off evil eye are also very popular; some cultures make it customary to wear such pendants, especially for kids.

Stone studded pendants are the most sought after type of jewelry pendants. Among these diamond pendants rank the top. Whether it is a huge diamond solitaire or a series of twinkling small diamonds, these precious stone pendants have a class of its own. Sometimes the diamond solitaire is surrounded by smaller accent stones which are either diamonds or other precious or semi-precious stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, moonstones, garnets, etc. These gemstones alone can form beautiful pendants. Just like diamond solitaire, a single large gem may be used as the pendant or as a centre stone surrounded by smaller stones of the same variety or different type as per the designer’s and buyer’s choice.

Sometimes pendants are used as statement jewelry. When used like this, they are really huge in size and are paired with simple chains and other small items of jewelry to get prominence. They are mainly large gemstone pendants, antique pendants, tribal pendants, vintage pendants, beaded pendants, clay or other natural material pendants, and so on. Sometimes these statement accessories have uncommon and unconventional styles and designs that are quite unique. These are especially meant for informal occasions and celebrations though some people wear them to work or in daily life. Bridal jewelry can include one such statement pendant to enhance the appeal and charm of the bride’s costume and style.

How to buy pendants

You may buy pendants alone or pendants and chains as a set. When you are buying inexpensive pendants separately, it is always a good idea to get a set instead of only one. Buy a matching chain or thread that goes with all the pendants so that you can wear a different one every day without spending too much for separate chains for each pendant.

If your investment is in solitaire diamond or other types of gemstones, go for quality necklaces or chains that will not mar the beauty of the pendants. A gold or platinum chain will enhance the allure of the diamond pendant. If you cannot spend too much on chains after buying the diamond pendant, consider purchasing titanium or stainless steel chains. These too have the same appeal of platinum but are much inexpensive.

Instead of buying a pre-mounted diamond pendant, you may try out the loose diamonds of various shapes and sizes, and then select an appropriate setting for it. This will give you the freedom to get the shape and size you want for your pendant.

If you do not like the showy yellow gold, you may go for white gold or silver or platinum. There are other materials like stainless steel, sterling silver, titanium, tungsten, etc. that are also very popular choices for pendants. Pearl pendants are exquisite pieces of jewelry and they have an elegant and classy look. They will go with almost all types of chains and costumes.

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