Polki and Kundan Jewelry

Polki and Kundan Jewelry

All that you wish to know about Polki and Kundan Jewelry

 When it comes to buying traditional jewelry, Polki, and Kundan jewelry are perhaps the most popular choices. But what is Polki jewelry and what is Kundan jewelry? What makes them so unique? How to find genuine Polki and Kundan jewelry? We will find out all these answers in this article.

Both Polki and Kundan jewelry are known for their royal looks that can make you feel like a princess when you wear them. Both are known for some of the best in class craftsmanship and both are with stones. They are so similar yet they are so different. 

What is Polki Jewelry?

Polki jewelry consists of real diamonds. These natural precious stones in their unfinished forms are used to craft Polki jewelry. Diamonds straight from the mine without any processing go into Polki jewelry. As the purest and the most natural form of diamond is used here, Polki jewelry is generally more expensive. Each piece of natural diamond, before processing, possess a unique character of its own. This is another factor that makes Polki jewelry so special because the retain the diamond’s original nature.

What is Kundan Jewelry?

Much similar to Polki jewelry, this traditional gemstone jewelry collection is made with glass stone also called glass polka or any precious or even semi-precious stones. The word Kundan is used because molten gold in its purest form is used to make this jewelry. One other unique aspect of the Kundan jewelry is the mounting of the stones in intricately designed gold jewelry.

The technique used in Kundan and Polki jewelry making:

Both the forms of jewelry are crafted in traditional ways. Polka jewelry is mostly passed down over several generations. Their grandeur makes them synonymous with royalty. The jewelry making technique involved in making Kundan as well as Polki jewelry is closely similar. The precious natural diamonds (in the case of Polki) or the gemstones (in the case of Kundan) are mounted on gold jewelry with lac and gold foils. The placement of the diamond on the pure gold foil is the reason behind the unique luster the stones in Polki possess.

Kundan jewelry might have more layers or gemstones, intricate detailing and enameled layers below the stones too. Kundan jewelry is also one of the oldest forms of jewelry available in India.

What makes Kundan and Polki jewelry so unique?

Jewelry is not just about gold anymore. Polki and Kundan jewelry today are a perfect blend of the traditional and contemporary styles. Thus to make a fashion statement, all you need is a single stunning piece of Polki or Kundan jewelry.

  • Unlike normal gold and gemstone jewelry, both Polki and Kundan involve techniques which are adaptations of the ancient techniques and are time-consuming.
  • Kundan jewelry is comparatively lower priced than Polki. But Kundan jewelry is a more ancient form of jewelry than Polki.
  • Kundan jewelry has its origins in Gujarat and Rajasthan while Polki was introduced mainly by the Mughals.
  • To suit the contemporary fashion, Polki and Kundan jewelry also come as a combination of diamonds, gemstones, sapphires, rubies, pearls and more.
  • Both Kundan and Polki jewelry only look elaborate. They are some of the lightest options when it comes to traditional jewelry.
  • The technique used to make Polki and Kundan is collectively termed as Jadau.
  • Kundan jewelry, owing to its brilliant colors and fine detailing is often one of the most popular choices for bridal jewelry.

Kundan and Polki jewelry trends:

Both Kundan and Polki are current hot trends in bridal jewelry collection. Celebrities can also be seen wearing a single statement piece of Polki necklace at social events and gatherings. This is because these are the perfect choices to get a sophisticated look in an instant. Polki or Kundan chokers, chandelier earrings and maang tikas are the most popular. Kundan or Polki chandbalis were also trendsetters. If you are bored of jhumkas, you could opt for a Polki chandbali next festival season and stand out of the crowd. 

Purchasing guide for Kundan and Polki jewelry:

Both Kundan and Polki rarely go out of trend. Due to their royal origins and traditional techniques, these are great additions to any girl’s wardrobe. They also make one of the best gifting options. But the market is filled with fakes. There is a lot of imitation jewelry made to look close to traditional Kundan and Polki pieces.

  • Always evaluate the gemstones and diamonds to spot genuine Kundan and Polki
  • The size of the diamonds, the carat and the quality impact the price of the jewelry. Polki with spotted diamonds is The ones with clearest diamonds are the priciest.
  • f you find scratches on the surface, then it would not be a real diamond and thus not a genuine Polki jewelry piece. This can help you distinguish authentic Polki jewelry from fakes.
  • On inspecting the diamond with a magnifier, if you find spots, fissure or rents, then the diamond is not flawless. Such diamonds should be comparatively lower in price than the purest forms.
  • The percentage and purity of gold is another factor that affects the price.
  • Trust retailers who get traditional Kundan and Polki jewelry to you straight from the artisans to rule out cheap imitations.
  • Stones in the original Kundan pieces are partly opaque. Clear transparent ones are most likely fakes. 

Care for Polki and Kundan jewelry:

  • Gemstone jewelry requires special care. This can ensure longer life of the jewelry. This would also help keep the stones sparkling.
  • Wipe clean your Polki and Kundan jewelry after every use. Use a soft suede cloth to wipe the stones to remove any grime or dust.
  • Remove excess moisture and store the jewelry on pads of cotton wool.
  • Avoid using soap to clean Kundan and Polki jewelry.
  • Do not wet the chords of the jewelry as it might cause the color to fade.
  • Always store Kundan and Polki pieces with a desiccant pouch in the shelf where you store them. Excess moisture is not very good for your jewelry.

One chic piece of Kundan jewelry is all it takes to make you steal the show. Check out our collection of unique traditional Kundan jewelry which can perfectly complement any ethnic outfit. We get these handcrafted pieces to you straight from the traditional artisans in Indian villages.

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