Sonepuri sarees

Sonepuri sarees
Popularly known as the Bomkai sarees, these are the most famous forms of Sambalpuri sarees mainly having their origins in the Bomkai region in Odisha. You would be able to find Bomkai sarees made of silk as well as those made of cotton. This is one saree that has inspired a lot of fashion designers and fashionistas.  There are several celebrities who have donned beautiful Bomkai sarees for special events. In the past, Bomkai sarees were mainly made for the family of the Kings. Bomkai sarees were and still are great symbols of luxury. Be it the stunning designs or the unique yarn and the fabric material, every aspect of the Bomkai sarees talks for itself. Fish, which was believed to be a symbol of fame and victory, can be seen as a part of the design in some part of the saree. Like the Pasapali sarees, Bomkai too comes with uniquely done borders. One unique aspect that distinguishes the Bomkai sarees is the border which carries designs primarily like repetitive temple like structure or diamonds, pots or beads. With the evolving fashion trends, Bomkai sarees today have in them a lot of contemporary designs as well.
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