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Top 10 Gifting days

Gifting days

All year round, we celebrate several special occasions to express our gratitude, love, and respect for all the special relationships in our life. Here are some of the most popularly celebrated days of the year and ideas of gifts for each of them:

  1. Mother’s day:

No gift to your Mother can ever equal her gift to you - Life

If there is one job that goes 24 x 7, all year round yet gets no appraisal or acknowledgments, it is the role of a mother. On mother’s day, we take it as an opportunity to thank and honor mothers all over the world. It is popularly celebrated in the months of May or March on various days in more than 40 countries. In India, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.


The first ever concept of Mother’s day as in the recent times was introduced after Anna Jarvis, in 1908 declared a day to commemorate her mother. Later by 1914, the second Sunday of May was declared as Mother’s Day.

Gift ideas:

  • The perfect gift to give your mother is evidently your time. Of course, a pretty watch to remind her how special she is each and every moment would also make a great gift.
  • A handmade card with a handwritten note would be a memorable gift worth cherishing.
  • Jewelry is one of the top choices when it comes to mother’s day gifts.
  • A useful kitchen appliance that can make her work easy.


  1. Valentine’s day:

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.

Celebrated with a lot of pomp and fervor, Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February. It is named after a Catholic priest, Saint Valentine.


Earlier there was a time when Roman soldiers were not allowed to marry according to the rule laid down by Emperor Claudius. Saint Valentine secretively arranged for the marriage of these soldiers. As he helped them connect with their soulmates, the day was named Valentine’s Day and celebrated as a day to celebrate love.

Gift Ideas:

  • Jewelry, sarees, and clothes are easy gifts. Especially a unique handcrafted saree can really be special.
  • A collage of all your favorite pictures personalized gifts like photo mugs
  • Red roses and chocolate hampers are the most popular choices
  • A romantic candlelight dinner in an exotic hotel
  • Love notes and plushies make adorable gifts as well.


  1. Father’s day:

One father is more than a hundred Schoolmasters

Celebrated in over 60 countries on different dates, in India - on the third Sunday of June, there different reasons which people quote behind the origins of this day. In the present day, it is unanimously celebrated to respect and show gratitude to the father of the family who toils all his life to keep his family happy.


A veteran of the American Civil war, William Jackson Smart, raised his 6 children all by himself as a single parent. To honor his life and to remember the sacrifices he made, his daughter Sonora Smart Dodd celebrated the first ever Father’s Day on June 19, 1910.

Gift Ideas:

  • A classic watch is always a favorite gift that most people buy as Father’s day gift.
  • Men’s accessories- a chic pair of cufflinks or a bracelet or even fashion accessories like a wallet
  • A father’s day trophy gift or a personalized coffee mug to make his mornings special
  • Grooming essentials


  1. Children’s day:

Children are the hands by which we take hold of the heaven

Dedicated for the children all over, this too has a different story in each country. In India however, this has a whole new meaning to it. We celebrate it on the 14th of November in commemoration of the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who loved children.


Globally, the story behind Children’s Day dates back to 1856. In June, on the second Sunday, Dr. Charles Leonard from Chelsea, dedicated this day to all the children in the world. The earlier names given to it were Rose Day, Flower Sunday and later, it got the current name, Children’s Day.

Gift Ideas:

  • Toys, of course, would be the first choice for kids. Choose a toy based on your kid’s interests.
  • Musical instruments for the budding musicians
  • Books are the most valuable gifts you could give kids.


  1. Friendship day:

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

Originally popular in South America, it is now celebrated worldwide in several countries. In India, it is celebrated in August on the first Sunday.


The first ever Friendship Day celebration dates back to 1935 when this day was declared as a day to honor friends by the US Congress. There are other stories that propose Friendship Day has been in existence from 1919.

Gift ideas:

  • People tie friendship bands as a part of the celebrations. You could also get a funky bracelet in place of a friendship band so that it could also be worn as a fashion accessory later.
  • You might already know your friends likes and dislikes better. Get something related to what your friend is passionate about.
  • When it comes to friendship day, handmade and handcrafted gifts are the best options. These have a more personal touch to make your friend feel loved.


  1. International Women’s day:

Women are the real architects of society

As mother’s day salutes the mothers in the world, Women’s day honors all the women. Men make the women in their life feel honored and shower them with gifts on this day.


One of the popular versions talks about how back in 1914, on the 8th of March, a day was declared to honor women and to fight for their equality and their right to vote. March 8th also happened to mark the day several other women all over the world held protests and strikes for various reasons in their own countries.

Gift Ideas:

  • Clothing and jewelry are the most popular gifts that most men choose for Women’s day.
  • Women often forget to care for themselves in their busy life. So use this day to let them wind down with a personal care package or a picnic.
  • Flowers work with most women. A bunch of handpicked flowers is sure to bring a smile on their face.


  1. Teacher’s day:

Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges

A good teacher can bring out the best in every student. So to remember the teachers everywhere, to thank them for having impacted our lives for good, Teacher’s day is celebrated on September 5th annually on the birthday of the second President of India, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. Here are some ways to show your teacher’s your gratitude and admiration:

  • Younger kids choose to give handmade cards or gifts to their teachers
  • A thank you card is the simplest way to bring a smile on your teacher’s face.
  • Desk accessories


  1. Earth day:

The good man is the friend of all living things

Celebrated on April 22nd worldwide, this day is to remind each one of us to remember to conserve the environment and the resources. Over 193 countries all over observe Earth Day to unanimously stand to protect the earth.

On this day, you could remind yourself to go eco-friendly. You could gift your friends, plant saplings to encourage afforestation. You could start buying more eco-friendly products.


On April 22, 1970, a teach-in was held with a view to talking about the environmental issues. This day was then declared and has been celebrated as the Global Earth Day.


  1. Grandparents Day:

Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting, Grandfathers are just antique little boys

Nearly 15 countries observe grandparents day on different days. In India, it is not a very popular celebration but there are few who do remember and celebrate this day to honor their grandparents as the bond between the grandparents and the grandchildren is unique.


Marian McQuade first celebrated a special day dedicated to the senior citizens to honor their contributions to the society. In 1973 the National Grandparents Day was officially declared as a holiday.

Gift Ideas:

  • To remind the senior members of the family how everything gets beautiful with age, you could get your grandma a beautiful antique jewelry set.
  • Also, handcrafted gifts which bear the significance of our rich ancient culture would make perfect gifts for the senior members
  • A photo album dedicated to them with all the memorable photographs of their generation and the next generations would be a gift they would love treasuring.


  1. Boss’ Day:

Don’t blame the boss. He has enough problems

This is celebrated on or around the 16th of October in India, the US, Canada and Lithuania. Employees take the time to express their gratitude to their bosses on this day. The main purpose why this day was declared was to strengthen the rapport between employees and the employer. Most employees just look at the negative aspects in their bosses and fail to acknowledge their efforts. So on the boss’ day, every employee should think of all the good things their boss does as a good leader.


In 1958, for the very first time, Patricia Bays Haroski who was working with the State Farm Insurance Company, registered a day to honor the bosses. Her boss was her father and so she chose his birthday, the 16th of October as the Boss’ Day.

Gift Idea:

  • Coffee mugs or desk accessories with Boss’ quotes would make easy choices of gifts
  • If you know about your boss’ interests, give them something that brings out their deep buried passion for reminding them that they deserve their time off.
  • Office essentials, desk organizers, Desk decors or even an indoor desk plant can make great gifts. Every time they look at these it would keep reminding them that their efforts are appreciated.

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