Valentine’s Day celebration ideas

Valentine’s Day celebration ideas

Happy Valentines Day - Valentine’s Day celebration ideas

With just a month to go for Valentine’s Day, you must already be wondering how to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one for the love of your life. So why all the fuss about this day? Why assign a day to express love? This celebration has a deep rooted history that revolves around St. Valentine. Do you know how exactly it all began?

There are several versions of the mysterious story of St. Valentine from the ancient Roman Empire. One version says that when Emperor Claudius II imposed a ban on the marriage of soldiers, St. Valentine covertly got them married to their soulmates. Another version talks about how he was a martyr who gave up his life helping prisoners escape the Roman prisons. There is one other version of a story that says that an imprisoned Valentine sent a first hand-written letter to the love of his lie, the jailor’s daughter, just before he died. His letter was signed “From your Valentine”. This is said to be the reason behind the origin of the tradition of sending letters to one’s Valentine on the 14th of February.

Whether or not you know the story well, this is yet another day to stop, slow down and really show your love that you care. This is one of the days that sees the highest sale of gifts in the year.

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”- Charles M. Schulz

So, yes, your soulmate already knows that you love him/ her. But that shouldn’t stop you from doing something to make them feel special and make them feel loved all over again. Here are some of the interesting ways in which this day is celebrated in various countries. You could probably use one of these ideas to make Valentine’s Day this year one of the most memorable ones.

  • France:

Which better place to start with than this romantic nation! The tradition of sending out Valentine cards originated in this country. The Duke of Orleans who was under confinement in London, he sent love notes to his wife. Till today, one of the main traditions the French follow is to send out cards to their Valentine.

  • Denmark:

This is one of the countries where the day is still celebrated with an ancient Danish touch. Besides giving “lover’s card” (musical and vibrant ones), people gift their valentine pressed white flowers popularly called Snowdrops.

  • Japan:

This country has a rather interesting version of Valentine’s Day that goes for a month. On the 14th of February, women give their men chocolates, flowers or gifts. They are very particular about skipping store bought chocolates and making them at home by themselves. A month later, on the 14th of March, men now shower their women with chocolates and gifts. This day is also called “White Day”. Now that is an interesting way to do it!

  • Wales:

Here, honoring the Welsh patron of love, Saint Dwynwen the day of love is celebrated on the 25th of January. On this day, men gifted their love a hand-carved wooden spoon. Each intricately carved design bore a different meaning.

  • South Africa:

Here they literally wear their hearts on their sleeves. The women, on the 14th of February, clip the name of the ones they love on the sleeves of their shirt. Thus, men would even get to know about their secret admirers.

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day. A gift is not the only way to make your Valentine feel special. Here are some interesting ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Love jar:

Take the traditional love notes to the next level. Fill up a jar with 365 adorable and honest love notes for your love. Let him read one each day until the next Valentine’s Day to give him a smile every day for the rest of the year.

A whole day of “gadget”- free outing:

Arrange for a day-out to some new place. Leave behind all your gadgets- your mobile phones and cameras. No- you do not always have to click a picture to remember the moment you can also record them in your heart. Spend a full day without distractions.

Customized photo gifts – the all-time classic:

This is one gift that has been quite popular for some time now. You could make photo collages, personalized coffee mugs, desk calendars and more. Another option is a couple mug or couple t-shirt.

Handmade gifts and handmade cards:

These are the truly personal ones. Even a gift bought with a million bucks wouldn’t match a single handwritten note or a handmade card. Writing letters is a beautiful custom which our generation has long forgotten. Bringing it alive on Valentine’s Day can make this day extra special.

Bouquet of handpicked flowers:

Walk into your garden. Pick random flowers and craft a bouquet yourself. This has a uniqueness to it than a store bought one. If you do not have a garden, well, walk into a flower shop and get one customized the way you want.

Candle light dinner- the fool-proof winner:

This remains as one of the most romantic things to do on the Valentine’s Day. Reserve a table in a new place. Avoid popular restaurants which might be crowded. Look for one that is far from your place and relatively less crowded. This way you can also have a nice drive and then a calm candle light dinner. Of course, surprising her at the table with a chocolate hamper, her favorite music band and more are added perks that would fetch you brownie points.

No matter what you do, remember to keep it new and original. Even the most interesting copied ideas would fail to the most boring yet totally original ideas. There are options to book an experience as a gift, like say an adventure sport or a drive in a luxury car and more. You could even get crazy and book a flash mob. There are many ways to express love. Choose one that might sweep your Valentine off his/her feet and make the 14th of February this year the best day of both of your lives.

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