Vastu Ganesha (गणेश) idol - Tips for living room

Vastu Ganesha (गणेश) idol - Tips for living room

Significance of Lord Ganesha/Ganapati in the living room

In many Indian homes, you must have noticed Ganesha idols in the living room or near the entrance. Vastu tells a lot about the significance of placing a Lord Ganesha idol or wall hanging in the living room. There are several factors to keep in mind before you choose a Ganesha idol and the place where you keep it. It is believed that when placed rightly according to Vastu Shastra, Lord Ganesha idol can bring a lot of good luck and prosperity.

The most popular trend is to keep a Ganesh idol opposite to the house entrance. This guardian Dhristi Ganesha is said to bring good luck by warding off any evil. Idols are also kept in showcase or also as wall hangings adorning the walls of the living room and significant corners of the house.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while choosing the idol and placing it in your living room:

  1. Drishti Ganesha:

The Drishti Ganesh idol placed at the entrance should always be placed in pairs. There should be one idol facing the entrance and the other one facing in the opposite direction.  The Drishti Ganesha pair at the entrance block and reflect negativities. Also, keeping them in pairs ensures that financial troubles are averted.

  1. Direction of Ganesha trunk:

You could get Ganesh idols with trunk facing the right, left or straight forward. Each direction of the trunk symbolizes a different effect. Trunk facing the left is the most preferred type of idol for the homes. This type of idol is believed to bring in a lot of refreshing energy to the household.  Ganesha idols with trunk facing the right should be worshipped in special rituals. Such Ganesha idols are called “Siddhi Vinayaka” idols. This idol is best placed in temples and preferred in the house only in case you would be able to strictly follow the rituals in the right way. Trunk facing forward or trunk swung in the air are rare types of Ganesh idols.

  1. White Ganesha for happiness:

A pure white statue of Lord Ganesha or even a photo of white Ganesha is said to  bring a lot of peace and happiness to the house. Also remember that it is always good to have a Ganesh idol which also includes a modak and mouse.

  1. Placing of the Ganesha idols:

When you place your Ganesha idols on your display shelves or in case of Ganesha wall hangings, make it a point to leave a minimum spacing of an inch between multiple idols. It is also said that around the idol, it is important to avoid anything made of genuine animal hide leather.

  1. Ganesha on pipal leaf:

Pipal leaf by itself is considered sacred. The ancient Hindu mythologies talk a lot about the benefits and significance of pipal leaves. It is also believed that many Gods reside beneath the pipal trees. Ganesha on a pipal leaf is considered auspicious. Placing a picture or a wall hanging of Ganesh on a pipal leaf when placed in the living room can bring a lot of positive energy.  The sacred nature of the pipal leaf is also believed to bring harmony.

Various materials to choose from:

Ganesha idols of different materials are also believed to bring different effects.

  • Silver Ganesha if is said to bring fame
  • Wood Ganesha is believed to promote good health
  • Brass Ganesha is kept to bring happiness
  • Clay Ganesha idols are said to have numerous benefits. There are terracotta clay Ganesha idols and wall hangings that can, besides beautifying your living rooms, bring you success, remove negative energies and foster good health.


Ganesha idols buying and gifting guide:

Ganesha is known to bring a lot of happiness and aid in starting new ventures. When you place a Ganesh idol in your living room, remember to keep the surroundings clean. Ganesha idols are also favorite gifting options in India be it for festivals or for any other religious ceremonies. But whether you buy for your own house or if you are buying as a gift, remember to keep few things in mind:

  1. Like we discussed earlier, Ganesh idols with trunk facing the left direction are the best choice to be kept at home. It is said that this type of Ganesha idol gets pleased easily and blesses you generously. So buy a right facing trunk only for those strict devotees who perform stringent rituals.
  2. Sitting Ganesha is a great option for the house and especially to place in the living room. Check out our Terracota sitting Ganesh wall hanging which can make a great gift for any festival. Dancing idols are not very common in houses.
  3. When it comes to buying Ganesha idol for your prayer room, it is always advised to buy one which is less than 18inches tall. But for the living room décor, any size of idols could be placed.
  4. Also remember to place any Ganesha idol with any creative representations only for decorative purposes. Such idols are not preferred to be placed in the place of worship.

When it comes to gifting, there could be nothing more auspicious to gift your loved one than the right Ganesha idol. Check out our collection of Terracotta Ganesha wall hangings. They are great choices for you buy for the next festival or even to buy to adorn your living rooms walls. Besides adding to the aesthetics of your room, they can bring you good luck and prosperity.

The terracotta Ganesha wall hangings are all hand crafted exclusively by skilled craftsmen. These home decors are made of terracotta clay specially obtained from Rajasthan and meticulously crafted by the local village artisans. The final process of burning the clay and the finishing paint touches make sure that your Ganesha wall decors look their best to embellish your walls. Clay Ganesha idols are believed to have numerous benefits. So they can be a beautiful addition to your living room. These wall hangings are also washable and easy to maintain. So if you have a housewarming function coming up or Ganesh Chathurthi festival or for any other occasion, check out our handcrafted Ganesh wall décor collection.

Note 1: Lord Ganesh or Ganapati has hundred of names. Below are the most common ones and Top 10 in our list (Not in order). 

    1. Ekadanta (Has one Tooth)
    2. Lambodara (Who has a pot Belley)
    3. Vighnanasha or Vignesh (Destroyer of obstacles)
    4. Vinayaka (Who has qualities to lead)
    5. Ganadhyaksha (Leader of the Ganas)
    6. Gajanana (One who has face of an Elephant)
    7. Devadeva (Lord of all Lords)
    8. Omkara (Controller of life, life-giver)
    9. Advaita (No comparison/Unique)
    10. Avaneesh (Lord of teh whole world)

Note 2: Lord Ganesha is also worshipped in 32 different forms. Below are the names.

    1. Bala Ganapathi
    2. Bhakti Ganapati
    3. Dhundhi Ganapati
    4. Durga Ganapati
    5. Dvija Ganapati
    6. Dvimukha Ganapati
    7. Ekadanta Ganapati
    8. Ekakshara Ganapati
    9. Haridra Ganapati
    10. Heramba Ganapati
    11. Kshipra Ganapati
    12. Kshipra Prasada Ganapati
    13. Lakshmi Ganapati
    14. Maha Ganapati
    15. Nritya Ganapati
    16. Rinamochana Ganapati
    17. Sankatahara Ganapati
    18. Shakti Ganapati
    19. Siddhi Ganapati
    20. Sinha Ganapati
    21. Srishti Ganapati
    22. Taruna Ganapati
    23. Trimukha Ganapati
    24. Tryakshara Ganapati 
    25. Ucchhishta Ganapati
    26. Uddanda Ganapati
    27. Urdhva Ganapati
    28. Varada Ganapati
    29. Vighna Ganapati
    30. Vijaya Ganapati
    31. Vira Ganapati
    32. Yoga Ganapati 

Wear Handloom in Ganesh Chaturthi.

5 Sarees to wear in Ganesh Chaturthi 2017

1. Sambalpuri Bomkai Pata Silk Saree (Peach)

2. Sambalpuri Ikkat Silk Saree (Grey, mini butta design)

3. Sambalpuri Silk Saree - Bomkai Bandha (Green/Blue)

4. Sambalpuri Bomkai Pata Silk Saree (Blue with Maroon Temple Border)

5. Sambalpuri Pink Bomkai Pata Silk Saree (With Pasapalli border: Latest design)

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      Left means Ganesha idol’s left that is the right side for the viewer.

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