Pasapalli Cotton and Silk Handloom Saree of Odisha

Pasapali sarees:

The literal meaning of the word “Pasa” is “chess”. The name denotes the main theme of the Pasapali sarees. These consist mainly of checkerboard patterns in various variants and color combinations. Their unique symmetry makes them stand out. Red, black and white are the colors predominantly chosen for these patterns. The base of the saree is mainly pure organic cotton, silk, and tassar in various combinations. Pure silk threads are then woven to add a touch of luxury to the elegant Pasa patterns. These sarees also come with beautifully woven borders (or aanchal as they are called). Some of the most common designs you are likely to find in the aanchal of the Pasapali sarees are flora, fauna, wheel, and even some complicated landscape patterns.

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