Artificial Jewelry and the trends

 Artificial Jewelry - A guide

The concept o jewelry has evolved a great deal from the ancient days. The oldest jewelry was made of bones, stones, and shells. Once the precious metals like gold and silver were discovered, they ruled the jewelry industry. Jewelry has been a symbol of power, luxury, wealth and status. But trends keep changing and so does the meaning of jewelry. The current generation views jewelry as a symbol of fashion rather than a status symbol. This is primarily why artificial jewelry is gaining a steady popularity over the conventional precious metal jewelry.

Few quick facts about the evolution of jewelry:

It is interesting to know how the jewelry industry has grown over the years.

  • There was a time when jewelry was an adornment worn primarily as a protection gear
  • In the medieval period, jewelry made of copper, brass and other metals also gained popularity. The metalsmiths started crafting finer details and more intricate designs.
  • This was roughly the time when gems, enamels, glass and other embellishments in jewelry became popular
  • Renaissance period saw more elaborate pieces of jewelry. This was also the period when more emphasis was given on the impact of various gemstones on various birth signs
  • As the fashion industry began to take a new shape from around the 17th century, fashion jewelry became the trend.
  • The Art Nouveau Movement marked the significant milestone in fashion jewelry industry.

This is how jewelry that began more as an additional safety and protection gear evolved to become a social status and eventually to represent art and fashion trends.

Artificial Jewelry:

Artificial jewelry started becoming famous by the 18th and 19th century. This was mainly introduced to make jewelry affordable and on par with trends. With sophisticated techniques available to carve more complex details with finesse, there is a wide range of designs to choose from. Artificial jewelry in the current days is made grand enough to look on par with and even better than precious metal jewelry. Less precious base metals are used to make artificial jewelry that is designed to suit the ongoing fashion trends. Antique jewelry, Terracotta jewelry, Dhokra Jewelry, American Diamond jewelry, there is a wide range to choose from. Famous designers began making trendy fashion jewelry and they were endorsed in Hollywood films and fashion shows. This was another way in which artificial jewelry became more prominent.

Base material and embellishments:

There is a wide variety of materials used as the base component in artificial jewelry. The common ones are Copper, Raw Brass, Pewter, Nickel Silver. Surgical steel might also be used to make jewelry which might be a safe option for those with allergies due to the hypo-allergenic nature of the metal. Nickel Silver and other forms of white metals are used to replicate sterling silver and platinum jewelry. Copper is preferred for the ease with which intricate designs can be made on the metal. Some artificial jewelry might also come with some precious or semi-precious metal plating over the base metal just to add a polished finish. 

When it comes to embellishments, there is again a long list of materials used. There are synthetic versions of sapphires, rubies, and other precious stones. Pearls, beads, and American Diamonds are other popular embellishment options.

Why might gold jewelry not be great for everyone?

Gold as an investment may or may not be a great choice depending on one’s personal preferences. But gold jewelry might not be for everyone. Jewelry is not just about gold anymore. Here are a few downsides to gold jewelry:

  • The first is obviously the price. A single piece of quality gold jewelry costs many folds that of a similar looking artificial jewelry
  • Trends keep changing. If the artificial jewelry that you won goes out of fashion, you could always replace it with a new one. But with gold jewelry, buying one every now and then might not be easy given its costs.
  • Another big reason is the making charges, wastage and such overheads you pay for gold jewelry.
  • Resale value is also not profitable as different retailers impose different deductions on it
  • Unlike other investments, gold does not offer any source of income or interest or tax benefits
  • You also have the risks of safely storing it
  • The market keeps fluctuating.

It is not that gold is a bad choice for investment but when it comes to jewelry, there are a lot of alternatives that are more economical and trendy in comparison to gold jewelry.

Artificial jewelry and fashion trends:

When it comes to styling your outfit, jewelry can work wonders. The same dress can be styled in multiple ways with different jewelry.

  • A plain dress can look great with a chunky piece of necklace and chandelier earrings.
  • You can wear your little black dress for a casual occasion by styling it with a minimal pendant necklace and a pair of hoops or studs.
  • The same little black dress when worn with droplet earrings and some American Diamond necklace or jewelry set, can make you party ready.
  • An ethnic outfit like saree or a salwar suit would look plain without a stunning set of jhumkas to complete it.
  • Artificial jewelry buying guide:
  • The market is wide and you get a lot of artificial jewelry which is less expensive. Here are a few things to remember while buying artificial jewelry:
  • Choose jewelry that is a perfect combination of traditional and contemporary fashion trends like antique jewelry. These hardly go out of trend.
  • Choose colorless embellishments like American Diamonds that can be worn with any color outfit
  • Classic pieces of statement jewelry like Dhokra jewelry can be worn for both formal and casual occasions
  • Chunky jewelry can add a lot of energy to your look. Contemporary leather bracelets and antique cuffs can add some oomph to your overall appearance.
  • Beaded jewelry should be a staple part of your wardrobe for all those occasions where you want to match your jewelry with your dress color.
  • Pearl jewelry can add an instant charm to a saree or any ethnic outfit.

Keep the above factors in mind when you decide to gift jewelry or even buy jewelry for someone. Dhokra jewelry, American Diamond jewelry sets, and Terracotta sets are timeless beauties to gift your loved ones.

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