Baking supplies Buying Guide

Baking supplies essentially to be handy for a quick, appetizing dinner.

Baking is very different from home cooking . One needs to be very accurate in measuring quantities of basic ingredients and to be able to do so , one needs specialized baking supplies from ingredients to other baking components such as equipments ( Ranges, Ovens, Toaster Ovens and other accessories ), tools for packaging. Right tools are needed to enable one to bake high quality products.The key to baking and cooking in general lies as much in the recipe and the ingredients you use. Baking supplies can make the baking task much more easier.

List of baking supplies:

The art of baking ranges from pastries to pies , cakes to cookies and muffins to bread. These delicious treats are found in grocery stores and restaurants worldwide. To make your own baked goods at home you need certain supplies. There are certain basic things that are mandatory to be there in kitchen which are:
  • measuring spoons
  • measuring cups
  • baking utensils
  • baking pans
  • bowls and
  • other baking appliances.

Measuring spoons:

Provide the baker with an accurate measurement of ingredients such as baking powder , sugar and salt.

Measuring cups:

These are divided into dry and wet types. Dry measuring cups are typically plastic or stainless steel with small handles and hold 1/4, 1/3 or one cup of dry ingredients like flour . Wet measuring cups are generally glass or clear plastic and hold upto two cups of liquids such as milk, water or broth. Sizes of wet measuring cups vary. Some are smaller and some are larger.

Essential utensils:

In addition to cups and spoons, bakers need a variety of utensils for baking. The most important is wire whisk and also the heat resistant spatula . Large and small spoons to stir ingredients are a must. Knives for cutting and chopping and cake icing spreaders are also required.

Baking pans & bowls:

Pans to bake the creations. Baking pans are of various shapes and sizes including round, rectangular and circular. Some are dish specific and others are very basic. Also various pans are available in different designs. Depending on what to bake, one can use bread pans and cake pans. Bowls are used in baking for stirring and mixing ingredients together. The most common bowl is the stainless steel version, bought in sets with bowls ranging from small to large.


Electric hand mixer, stand mixer and a blender useful in bending ingredients together and also for cooking soups. The food processor is a handy appliance that can chop, slice ingredients very rapidly.

Other must-haves

Once one has collected the basic equipment one needs, there are a few more things worth going for: Pastry blender, pastry brush, quality chef’s for chopping nuts and chocolates, non-stick rolling pins pie weights , cake tester, kitchen timer, cooking racks, cookie cutters , Parchment paper, packaging materials (boxes, shrink bags, disposable) etc. Additionally one should get good kitchen shears. Use one pair for opening packaging and the other to snip dough and never use the same pair for both tasks.


Keep up to date with the latest equipment news and trends. If one wants to buy organic baking supplies in large quantities and if you bake often (Or involved with a restaurant and bakery) like many other organic products , organic baking supplies are usually more expensive because they are produced according to standards that are strictly monitored by the USDA. It takes some tasks and planning to prepare to buy organic baking supplies in large quantities.

Anyway, here is list of baking supplies to be kept ready at all times one is not caught by surprise without something to cook for dinner.

In the pantry :One should have unbleached white flour so that it can be used in making fresh pasta in no time (You may want to have a Pasta maker ). Gravies and sauces can also be made. Sugar substitutes are easy to have on hand. Flavoured oils , cornstarch makes smooth gravies, flavoured vinegars and other baking ingredients to keep in your pantry include sunflower seeds , salt and dried fruits. Then one should keep rice, pasta in variety of shapes everready.

In the refrigerator: Eggs and egg substitutes are a must to have. Very needy dairy products in the refrigerator include low fat, fat free plain yogurt and milk. Also in the freezer one should have stock with frozen fruits.These baking supplies and basic food stocks should be on hand at all times and one would be ever ready to cook something for dinner.

Common baking ingredients

  • Flour: Rice flour, Potato flour.
  • Milk powder: Non-fat milk or low heat non-fat milk powder.
  • Active dry yeast.
  • Baking powder: one can use baking powder, egg powder or cocoa powder.
  • Starches: Potato starch, corn starch can be used.
  • Sugars: fructose, honey sugar can be used.
  • Sweetners: One can use xylitol crystals
  • Sprinklers: These are available in various colours like green,pink, red and white.