Buying Kids’ Jewelry – A Handy Guide

One of the best gifts that you can give to a baby is jewelry. There is a wide variety to choose from depending on the gender and age of the baby and the occasion. Kids’ jewelry is really valuable gifts as these can be kept as an asset. These are also precious keepsake items, to remind you of your child’s early years and the happy times you spent with them. Buying baby jewelry requires a lot of considerations. Following are some useful points while purchasing kids’ jewelry.


The most important consideration when you buy babies’ jewelry is the safety of the jewelry. Since baby jewelry is typically small items, there are chances of the baby swallowing or choking on the smaller parts or stones if these are not properly secured on the jewelry. Another thing to look for is sharp or rough edges and cuts that can hurt babies or cause scratches on their skin. Always buy kids’ jewelry that is soft and smooth. Avoid elaborate designs and cut works. Also make sure that the items you buy are lightweight jewelry. Heavy chains or pendants or bracelets will not be comfortable for babies while they are sleeping or playing. Jewelry with high cadmium content is toxic. When you buy gold jewelry for kids, check the level of cadmium to ensure that they are baby safe.


Kids’ jewelry is gifted on various occasions. It could be a baby shower, baptism, birthday, or Christmas. Based on the gender and age of the baby, the style of jewelry you select can vary. Bracelets and chains can be given to babies of all gender. Earrings and bangles are beautiful gifts for a baby girl. Customized or personalized baby jewelry is a popular trend in kids’ jewelry. Bracelets or lockets with the baby’s name on it are very appropriate gifts. You could also buy specially made pendants with the kid’s photo on it. The first letter of the baby’s name can be used as the locket of a simple chain.

Though the use of stones on baby jewelry is not advisable, you can buy them for older kids. The most favorite gemstone is diamond. Diamond studded pendants and earrings are absolutely charming on babies. A single and small diamond would be enough for a baby. Do not go for lockets that have lots of gemstones. The birthstone of the child or the baby’s lucky number can also be set on the locket or bracelet or earring. Some people buy religious symbols as pendants. There are many makers of children’s jewelry that include kids’ favorite cartoon characters in their jewelry. Thus, you can find a Mickey Mouse or Tweety bird pendant or bracelets with cartoon characters hanging from them.

Mother and child jewelry is a wonderful gift to give for baby showers. These come as a set and may contain matching jewelry for both the mother and the baby. Pendants with the baby’s and mother’s photos, bracelets with similar patterns, etc. are cute and beautiful gifts for new moms and mothers-to-be.


When you think of kids’ jewelry the first thing that comes to your mind is gold jewelry. However, it is not the only choice in children’s jewelry. You can find platinum, white gold, silver, sterling silver, plastic, and natural materials like clay or fiber. If you are looking for an expensive baby gift, platinum jewelry is the ideal choice. Sterling silver will be good as an affordable jewelry. It is also very sturdy. While pearl jewelry looks really exquisite, it can be quite dangerous for babies if they choke on pearls that come off easily.

When you select plastic jewelry for kids, be sure that it is made of good quality plastic which is free from any kind of toxic elements that can harm the baby’s skin or body. Babies may chew or bite the plastic jewelry and there are chances of the cheap paint or plastic parts going through the digestive system of the baby. In order to avoid any potential hazards, it is advisable not to gift plastic jewelry to very small kids.

Natural materials like clay and fiber are relatively safer if there are no chemicals and artificial colors are used in processing and making them. Again, you have to see to it that the jewelry is not very heavy and that it does not have sharp edges. As a rule of thumb, always buy lightweight and simple designs for infants so that it will not disturb their sleep or movements.


The price of baby jewelry is a factor to consider before buying any item. You may want to buy the most expensive jewelry for your little darlings. But, consider these points before investing in a diamond earring or platinum bracelet. Kids who play outside may accidentally lose the jewelry and may not notice it. If it is not found, it can be quite disturbing for the parents who have spent a fortune on the jewelry. And, if the kids are left unattended outside the house, there is the possibility of the theft of the jewelry. It could also harm your child physically and mentally. Even some babysitters are known to steal the jewelry of the kids they look after. In order to avoid all such untoward incidents, it is better to buy simple, small, and inexpensive kids’ jewelry for everyday use. You may reserve the expensive ones for special occasions or when the child is under your supervision.

The cost of kids’ jewelry varies depending on various factors like material, size, make, pattern, company, store, etc. Sometimes a small item may cost more because of the elaborate and delicate handiwork. While gold, silver, platinum, and other such metals have a standard price, making charges and taxes can differ.

Where to buy

Usually, all jewelers have a range of babies’ jewelry. Some even have a separate line of products for kids with unique brand names. It is always safer to buy from a reputed jeweler or merchant. Nowadays, online purchase is also very popular. You will come across many different designs and colors of kids’ jewelry in the online stores.