Cofee, Tea and Cocoa Buying Guide

Coffee Tea - Buying Guide

What would life be without that invigorating cup or that heaven-sent nightcap? It would indeed be dull and monotonous, not to forget the sadness beverage lovers will feel in their hearts. Though coffee and tea are consumed heavily around the world, very few people are so tuned-in to its salubrious properties so as to grasp the difference between a great cup of tea or coffee and an average one. When you are buying something you enjoy, does it not make immense sense to be fully informed about it so as to make your dollar go as far as possible? To this end, this guide should go a long way in helping you understand the concepts of choosing and buying your favoritebeverage, the types available and its various exotic flavors.

Tips on buying coffee

There are serious differences when you are buying coffee over the Internet and when you are buying it off the shelf from a grocery store. Coffee which is bought online is likely to be higher in quality than what is available at a store. The coffee packet could be lying at the store for weeks and hence, its flavor is not as great as it is when you buy freshly ground coffee. Freshness of the coffee bought online is a critical factor. Exposure of coffee to oxygen spoils the flavor of coffee. Hence it would make great sense to buy coffee in small quantities so that the flavor is retained. Store the ground coffee in airtight containers and if even that doesn’t give you a fresh feel buycoffee beans and grind your own, but do so only as much as you need. Great tasting coffee does not have to cost you a bomb. Search around and be open to trying out and experimenting with new coffees. Buy from coffee shops as it will ensure that the people selling the product know more about coffee than you.

Types of coffee

There are as many coffee makers as there are types of coffee in the market. Coffee is manufactured in the countries of Central America, South America, Africa and Indonesia and sold all throughout the world. Central American coffees are usually light and have a crisp or bold taste. South American countries have slightly heavier bodies with curious aromas. Africa is the place where it all started. Their coffee is unique with a sweet, fruity and spicy flavor which may be overwhelming for a normal coffee lover. Indonesian coffee, on the other hand, is full-bodied and flavorsome. Check with your local supermarket to know what’s available.

Tips on buying tea

There are some wonderful little tricks that you need to keep in mind when buying tea whether it is online or from teashops. First of all, look for valid stuff. If the label on tea packet says ‘Assam’ for example, it must be 100 per cent Assam tea. When you read teas marked ‘Imported from England’ it is no promise that the quality is better. You might be only paying big bucks for packaging and foreign importing rather than quality. Determine for yourself the region from where you prefer your tea –Sri Lanka, Darjeeling? Tea bags are known to be more expensive than loose-leaf teas, and the packaging and ink can affect the taste of the tea. While buying tea be prudent and avoid selecting the most expensive or least expensive one. Go for the taste and the price. Talk to tea lovers and know what is available in the market. Host tea parties where you encourage every person to carry a tea of their preference. Exchange notes and expand your horizon on tea.

Types of tea

Tea is basically dried and manually or industrially processed leaves related to particular species of plant known as camellia sinensis . Did you ever discover herbal teas or in other words herbal infusions are not actually teas, but dry leaves or flowers from various different plants or herbs? There are three main varieties of tea, though all tea comes from one species, which are China, India and Hybrid. There are four primary types of processing and each produces a different type of tea. These four main types are:
  • White Tea,
  • Green Tea,
  • Black Tea and
  • Oolong Tea, pronounced ‘wu long’.

Tips on buying cocoa

What kind of cocoa do you want – naturally processed, Dutch process, unsweetened or sweetened, regular and dark . There are all sorts of cocoa available in the market and buying cocoa relies on the fact that which one goes best with the other ingredients. If you using it to make a cake, it will be better to opt for a European made brand instead of a country one in case you like a definite chocolate flavor. The point is that European cocoa has their cocoa beans roasted to quite a dark color which strengthens the chocolate flavor of the beans. Check out the back label of the cocoa bottle – go for the one displaying the highest content of fat, which adds moisture to baked goods. Best cocoas should contain 20 per cent fat at least. One should choose natural-processed cocoa while using baking soda for your baked goods. Being low in acidic level, baking soda adequately balances the high acidic level in natural cocoas. Make absolutely sure not to use sweetened cocoa in recipes calling for two or more cups of sugar. Similarly, make use of sweetened cocoa only in recipes which does'nt require added sugar.

Types of cocoa

There are four types of cocoa.
  • Criollo is grown in Ecuador and is fine as well as exceptionally aromatic. It is one of the most finest variety of cocoa in the world and its cultivation needs a lot of care. These beans are aromatic and have precious oils which are very expensive.
  • Forastero is a bulk form of cocoa where the pods are grown on quite robust and strong trees. The mentioned type has a good and rich harvest where the beans carry a high content of fat.
  • Trinitario is a crossed hybrid between the above two types is grown on a wide scale.
  • Amenolado, popularly called as Arriba, is definitely an exception. Widely known for its delicate flavor as well as astounding aroma, it is uncomparable in the world.

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