Cookies Buying Guide

A Cookie is a form of dessert or snack predominantly consumed widely in the western part of the globe but is also used worldwide. The other name for a cookie is biscuit. The country of origin where cookie was first made, as known to us was in Persia. The shape of a cookie is mostly flat round shaped or sometimes it is even square or rectangular in shape and it is crispy in nature. It is usually baked and the main ingredients of a cookie are flour, eggs, sugar, and fats. To enhance the taste of the cookie or as per a person’s choice, a variety of other ingredients can also be used in it, such as, dry fruits, chocolates, peanut butter, butter, some spices or some special flavors as well. The various categories of the different types of cookies are based on its forms. The details of it are as under.

Drop cookies

These are the type of cookies which are baked by dropping a spoonful of batter on the baking tray. The examples of such kind of cookies are chocolate chip cookies, and rock cake cookies. The dough while cooking such kind of cookie is generally very soft and that of a dropping consistency.

Refrigerator cookies

These are round cylindrical shaped cookies. The dough type required for baking this type of cookies is hard and is kept in the refrigerator for it to get a bit stiffer before it is baked.

Molded Cookies

These are the cookie type which is molded by hand giving it round shape and then it is baked. The dough type required to make this type of cookie is a stiff one. The example of such kind of cookie is Peanut butter cookie and Snickerdoodle.

Rolled cookies

This type of cookie is generally rolled out and given various shapes to it by using a cookie cutting instrument (cookie cutter). Stiff dough is ideal for such cookie type. The example of such kind of cookie is gingerbread man which is very much liked by the children.

Pressed Cookies

Children love to assist when pressed cookies are being made in the house. They love the various designed and moulds used to make this cookie. The dough type required for baking a pressed cookie is a much softer one. The dough is pressed in to the designed moulds to give it varied shapes and then it is baked. These are very crispy and delicate in texture are very buttery in taste. One of the examples of this type of cookie is Spritzgeback.

Bar Cookies

Bar cookies are baked first and then cut into the shapes of cookies. A good example of bar cookies is a brownie. It is somewhat like a cake, but is slightly crispy in taste. Very widely used, it is a favorite among all age groups.

Sandwich Cookies

As the name suggests, this type of cookie is a sandwich of two cookies with a creamy layer in between. This layer in between can be anything from jam, jelly, marshmallows or cream, Sandwich cookies are popular among the children.

Types of Cookies

The different types of cookies available in the market worldwide are:

Berger Cookies

These are wafer type cookies. These are topped with a layer of thick chocolate.


These are types of cookies which are baked twice and are very hard. They are generally served with tea or coffee. The variations available in this type of cookies are the ones available with the nuts other spices.


These are basically a form of sandwich cookie, having a creamy layer in between. Some of the varieties include
  • Fudge covered Oreo,
  • Cool Mint Crème Oreo,
  • Double Stuff Oreo,
  • Pure milk chocolate covered Oreo,
  • Sugar free Oreo,
  • Golden Oreo etc.

Chips Ahoy

This is actually a variety of a Chocó chip cookie. The varieties include in this category are
  • Reduced Fat Chip Ahoy,
  • Mini Chips Ahoy,
  • Almond Chunks Ahoy,
  • White Fudge Chewy Chips Ahoy,
  • Peanut Butter Chunky chips Ahoy, etc.

Chips Deluxe

This is also a form of chocolate chip cookie. The varieties found in these types are
  • Original Chips Deluxe,
  • Rainbow Chips deluxe,
  • Soft ‘n’ Chewy Chips Deluxe,
  • Chocolate Lovers Chips Deluxe, and
  • Peanut Butter Cups Chips Deluxe.


These are cookies which come under the molded type of cookies. These cookies contain various designs on the upper crust.

Chocolate chip cookie

These come under the category of drop type cookies. The main feature is the presence of chocolate chips in it. The variation added to it is the addition of nuts to it. The varieties include peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, chocolate chip bar cookie etc.

Black and white cookie

Black and white cookie is also known as half and half cookie and sometimes called half moons. One side of the cookie is white in color and the other side is of dark chocolate.

Rainbow cookie

A three layered cake is first baked and then it is cut into shapes of cookies. The cookies which are baked in this manner are called Rainbow cookies. The varieties found in this type of cookies are
  • Venetian Cookies,
  • Seven layered cookies,
  • tri-color cookies etc.

Fortune Cookie

As the name suggests it is a type of cookie which has a fortune written in a piece of paper inside it. These are generally crispy in nature.


These types of cookies can either be found to be soft in texture or even crispy at times. These cookies are basically coated with sugar.

Peanut butter cookie

The Peanut butter cookie is made by using peanut butter primarily. This type of cookie is loved by the kids a lot.

Tim Tam

Te Tim Tam cookies are a form of sandwich cookie. It has two layers of chocolate cookie with chocolate crème in between.


This type of cookie is generally white in color and the texture is somewhat crumbly.

Vienna fingers

This is a type of sandwich cookie having vanilla flavor with a vanilla flavored crème in between.

Fat rascal

This type of cookie is generally served with tea.

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