Cushion Covers or Throw pillow covers buying guide

Why do you need cushions or throw pillows?

More than serving as a headrest or backrest, cushions, and throw pillows are important decorative elements in any room. If you are looking to give your room an instant makeover, the first place to start is the furnishings and as a starter, the cushion covers and throw pillow covers. Even the most boring rooms can be made to look lively with some bright colorful cushions.

So it is just a cushion cover- why all the fuss over it? When it comes to decorating a room, cushions are the most versatile décor pieces to add some colors to your room. If you are color coordinating all your furnishing, a set of cushions matching the color of your curtains can create a great impact. If you are looking to make your room look cozier, some neutral color cushions can solve the purpose. Even an old dull sofa or armchair can get an instant revival if you add the right cushion to it.

All about cushions and where to place them:

When it comes to buying a cushion here are few factors to consider:

  1. Placement of the cushion or throw pillow:

The place where you use the cushion or throw pillow would tell a lot about the type of cushion and also the kind of cover to choose for it. The size of the cushions would also vary based on where you would be placing them. If it is for the bed, smaller square throw pillows would do the trick. When it is for the sofa, a set of 2 or more cushions depending on the size of the sofa would add some contrasting colors to the living room. For an armchair, a single huge cushion is all that you need.


  1. Available shapes:

Cushions and throw pillows come in a wide variety of shapes. Bolsters are the cylindrical ones which you could use either on your sofa or on a bench. The most common ones are the tiny square cushions of sizes 16” or 18”. These are great for layering and add a lot of coziness to your living room sofa. Circular cushions and cushions of varied shapes are also not uncommon. But finding cushion covers for these might be a bit of a trouble.

Buying a cushion cover / throw pillow cover:

Few main aspects to think of while buying a cushion cover or throw pillow cover are the material, ease of maintenance, styles, colors and patterns, type of closure, size and more.

  1. Material:

Cotton- Cotton covers are easy to maintain as you can machine wash them. But pure cotton fabric can shrink and wrinkle. So you might have to iron them to keep up their shape after a wash.

Polyester- This is one of the easiest to maintain as it doesn’t fade easily. It is also less expensive and doesn’t wrinkle after a wash. But if you are looking for a more organic and natural material then this one is not a great choice.

Linen- Though linen cushion covers are relatively expensive they can add a lot of life due to their crisp vibrant colors. Washing and maintenance are also easy with linen covers.

Satin- This is one of the most elegant materials. If you are looking for a fine looking cushion cover that is also relatively lower in price, then satin covers are great. But they are slippery and if you use satin covers over leather or fabric upholstered sofa, they might tend to keep falling off. Cleaning and maintenance are comparatively difficult.

Velvet- For a plush feel this is the best choice. They also come in rich colors. But cleaning the cushion is not very easy.

Silk- To add an instant touch of grandeur to your room, silk cushion covers are the best choice. But this is the most expensive option. Also remember that pure raw silk shrinks after a wash.


  1. Ease of maintenance:

Like we have seen, the material of the cushion covers affect the level of maintenance required to a great deal. Polyester cushion covers are the easiest to maintain as they don’t shrink after washes. But for a more organic option, natural breathable cotton and linen covers make a great choice. Except for the fact that they wrinkle and might require ironing after a wash, these covers are the best way to add some energy to your room’s décor.


  1. Colors and patterns:

Choosing colors and patterns would depend a lot on the color scheme of the room and the furniture on which you would place the cushions. If your sofa is upholstered with patterned fabric, some contrasting solid cushion covers would be a great choice. For a dull leather sofa, choose cushion covers with a lot of colors and lively patterns to make your living room more cheerful. Try and coordinate your curtains, throws, floor rugs and carpets with the cushion covers to make your room look like a million dollars.


  1. Styles:

If you wish to add a more ethnic touch to your room, choose traditional Indian prints or embroidered cushions. Embellished cushions can add a lot of glamor to the room but they might be inconvenient to lean on and also might be difficult to maintain so place the cushions accordingly.


  1. Closure types:

Cushion covers come with a variety of closure options like ones with zippers or buttons, Velcro or the most common envelope type. If you choose ones with zipper, choose such that the zippers are good quality and rust free. Concealed zippers would be better on the aesthetics. Envelope cushions could be used in the corners and the least accessible places. If you use them for the most used cushions the filler might tend to fall out of the envelope.

More tips to remember:

  • The cushion or throw pillow filler should also be of a good quality. A nice cushion cover would look good only on a fluffy cushion filler.
  • Always match the size of your cushion filler and cover. In the case of cotton and linen covers, they tend to shrink after a few washes. So choose a size accordingly.
  • Ruffled, embellished covers, those with tassels and other adornments look chic but might not be great if you are going to use those cushions as backrest or headrest.
  • No matter what the material, size and patterns your cushion covers are, always remember to maintain them well and wash them regularly. A dull looking cover can be a big turn-off when it comes to the appearance of a room.

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