Fax Machine Buying Guide


Fax machine is a very important invention. It has come a long way in helping humans to communicate and be connected with each other.  Small or big companies even in household use, fax machine have been one of the most essential things to have.

A fax machine copies and sends information in an instant that is why it is important. It can send important documents without delay and without paying the price of a regular mail. Before, a fax machine is not that affordable for a common lad to afford. Nowadays almost anyone can have a fax machine.

When buying a fax machine either for home or business purposes you should consider some things before buying a functional fax machine.

  1. Function- decide on what type of fax machine you need. There are fax machine now with multiple functions such as printer, scanner and a copier. The best thing that you can do is to decide whether you need a simple fax machine or a fax machine with multiple uses. This would probably increase the price of the fax machine depending on what type you will choose.
  2. Types- There are different types of fax machine that you can choose from to help you determine what will suit your need.

            Ink jet Fax machine- This is not a good choice if you are receiving enormous amount of fax everyday because it consumes much time in printing but the advantage of this is that it produces a crisp and low cost quality.

            Laser Fax Machine- This is faster than ink jet fax machine because it is made to be a heavy duty fax machine. It produces a high quality of result either in imaging or in print documents. Nonetheless, this is more expensive than the other type of fax machine.

            Thermal Fax machine- this is the cheapest among the three types. It is used basically in home or small businesses. This type of fax machine produces a low quality of printing and produces a noisy sound when printing.          

  1. Budget- always consider your budget, if you want a simple fax machine this would cost you less than buying the other machine with more function. Prices may range from a hundred dollars and above. Look for a fax machine that is reasonable in price but can last for a long time and will function well.
  2. Specifications- it is an important aspect that you should also consider. Different types of fax machine have different specification as well, ask or search the internet for a fax machine that has the specification that you need.  You may not need to have a super pronto transmission fax machine if you are just to use it in a small volume. Understanding this will give you more option on what kind to buy.
  3. Ink- you should also think of the availability of the ink supply of your fax machine. If you are going to buy a fax machine be sure to ask the store if they have an ink supply of the said brand or where you can find a refill for the ink. It is also important to ask for the price of the ink or toner.
  4. Quality and Durability- since fax machine will be used everyday for sending important documents be sure to buy one that can last for a long time. There are a lot of fax machine that you can choose from in the market today. Choose the most reliable brand that is available. You can compare brands that are available in the market today for you to have a better option on what to buy.
  5. The volume of the fax that you receive- if you are receiving 50 fax everyday you should purchase a sophisticated and more hi tech fax machine. But if you are just receiving few faxes a day then a thermal fax machine will suit you.
  6. Memory- the memory of your preferred fax machine will enable to hold a 20 to 25 pages internally it all depends on how big the image is. If you buy a fax machine, 512 kilobytes is the regular memory.  If you want to buy a larger memory you can buy in the market that you can use.
  7. Paper Size- Consider the size of the paper that you use in every fax that you make. 8x11 is the most common size that is used. But if you sometimes need to send 8x 13 or an A4 size of document make sure that you will include this on your list.
  8. Warranty- there are fax machine brands that offers a long time warranty for its parts and services. This can help you save money that you have to spend in repairs and parts that needs to be replaced.

You may also avail a service contracts with the company where you will buy your fax machine. Although you may spend about $65 to $200 dollars per year in service contracts this will save you a lot of money in service and replacement charge since most fax machines have a 5 year life span only, some repairs and extra services maybe needed for it to work in a longer span of time.

In eyeing the best fax machine for your home or business needs it is best to ask for some suggestion from experts or people that have some experiences in buying this product. In this way you will have more options on what kind and what brand to choose.

You do not have to worry if you want to have a fax machine. There are a lot of stores that sells fax machines of certain brands and features. You can also go online shopping if you want to. If you are in a tight budget there are online shops that sell second hand fax machines as well and you may want to visit them too.

When you already bought a fax machine, keep the receipts you may need it if there are some problems that you will encounter in the first 6 months of your fax machine.