Griddlers Buying Guide

Who does not like to take pleasure of Sundays with family and friends while cooking a delicious outdoor barbecue? No doubt for those who love cooking, grills and barbecues are a great option. They come in all sizes and designs, offering a wide variety for you to be completely at ease in cooking and especially eating. If you want to find out about the latest in griddlers or want to buy one, this guide will help you learn all the important details you need to know while choosing the perfect griddler for yourself.

Ideas to consider

  • Size: Different types of griddlers on the market are designed for all tastes. There are three types of griddlers by size: basic, medium and large (later we will explain each separately.)
  • Use: Generally, the griddlers can also be classified according to type of use. This includes the different fuels used to heat the grill. There are electric grills, gas and coal.
  • Accessories: The range is extensive. Some are completely basic, whereas some are advanced and are able to give the best results. Some common ones we can mention are, long forks Cleaning brushes, spatulas and tongs, among others.

Types of griddlers

Gas Griddlers

  • The gas used in these types of griddlers, is natural gas or liquid propane.
  • Compared with coal, we can say that it is cheaper and cleaner especially with respect to the atmosphere and the environment.
  • The lighting is very practical because in just ten minutes the grill is ready to begin grilling.
  • Regarding the duration of liquid gas or propane, it can last about nine or ten hours of continuous use.

Electric griddlers

  • They are ideal for people who live in places where coal or gas use is not permitted or is not functional, such as apartments, small homes, duplexes, etc.
  • Similarly, outdoor cooking is also a possibility.
  • The current manufacturers of this type of griddlers have perfected the design and functionality of them to cook any food to perfection.
  • They usually come with ceramic grates, which are excellent for roasting at high temperatures.


Charcoal griddlers

  • The material used as fuel is coal. Other times can be mixed with wood. Everything depends on the user.
  • One advantage of using this type of grill is without doubt the taste of food, which tends to be more focused and ready.
  • Compared with electricity and gas, are a little slower with respect to power and cooking time.
  • The better the quality of the grids and the ventilation system, the better the cooking of food.

Types of griddlers (price / size)


  • As for the size we are talking about relatively small grills.
  • You can cook for up to six people.
  • Materials are generally modest in terms of quality (aluminum and steel, among others).
  • The functions are limited but basic, which means you'll have all the essentials for grilling without any problem.
  • The better the material of manufacture, the higher the price.
  • Can be gas, electric, coal, etc.
  • The cost varies between $100 - $300
  • Examples: Tefal CB7031, DeLonghi BQ100, George Foreman Grill.


  • They are perfect for parties or large families. We're talking about ten to fifteen people.
  • As for the size is obviously larger than basic. So it comes with more features and extras included.
  • They are very good in terms of temperature and roasts both white and red meats.
  • You can get them in stainless steel and iron. Both materials are very durable.
  • As for the price, they are more expensive than the basic griddlers. The cost varies according to the manufacturers, can be achieved between $350 to $500 or more in some cases.
  • Examples: Coal Josan , 1014 Sterling Ambifuego  , BP-80 Bronpi  .


  • Are very striking in size and design, and are the most sophisticated.
  • You can cook for both small as well as large groups of people.
  • As to its use due to its size, must be used in wide-open spaces.
  • Most come with wheels for easy transportation.
  • Incorporates the best features, including temperature control.
  • The best are the gas and coal.
  • Prices are considerably high compared with other grills. We are talking about $600 to $4000 or more.
  • Examples: Weber Spirit E-310, Brahma BARBECOOK 5.2, Grand Hall Premium 325.


  • Weber
  • Tefal
  • Orva
  • DeLonghi
  • Barbecook
  • George Foreman