Microphone Buying Guide

Microphone is one of the most important parts of an audio system. It is found everywhere in your headset, telephone and mobile phones. Microphones are not just the one that a person holds in front of many people during speeches. A professional especially those people who are in the recording industry are most likely to be concern on the characteristic and the quality of microphone that they commonly use.

It is important to pick the right kind of microphone when wanting to have a good quality of the audio system for any kind of occasion.

The are different kinds of microphone that you can use depending on your needs a dynamic microphone is the most popular type of microphone that you may know. It is normally use in home and other occasions.  Another type is capacitor microphones and electret microphone but regardless of what kind of microphone you it is, they all have the same characteristics that you should know before rushing to your nearest store and purchasing one.

These characteristic will also depend on your needs.

The directionality of a microphone is one of the characteristic that you should consider in buying one. If you will use the microphone near the sound system it is better to choose a less directional microphone. The directionality of a microphone is its sensitivity to the sound in its environment in different directions in the surrounding.

Your microphone can be omnidirectional or cardoid as well. When you talk about omnidirectional microphone it is a type of microphone that will pick sounds in any direction, where as a cardoid is a type of microphone that will only pick up the sounds that is in front of it. A hypercardoid is a version of cardoid it is use to isolate sound from the surrounding.

A microphone that will handle noise properly is also a good option. A lot of microphones nowadays are made to handle and pick up noises in the surrounding better than in the past few years. Foam padding, suspension, or some other methods are also used especially in a hand held microphone to regulate the noise that it picks up to have a better audio.

How your microphones will response to different frequencies should also be taken into consideration. This is one of the basic characteristic of any microphone. Adjusting the frequency response may alter the quality of the sound the microphone will produce. It is better to set the frequency level in moderate. If you do not know how to set the frequency of you microphone you can refer to the instruction that comes with it or you can ask the saleslady where you purchase your microphone to adjust it for you.

Low impedance is advisable rather than to have a high impedance in your microphone. But what is impedance? Impedance is a term used to describe to measure the amount of current that flows to the device. People often neglect the value of impedance when choosing a microphone but it is needless to say that if you wan to have good quality of microphone this thing should be taken into consideration as well.  If you want to know the impedance of the microphone you want to buy you can ask the manufacturer since they differ in the impedance level that they use in their product.  Low Impedance (less than 600Ω), medium Impedance (600Ω - 10,000Ω), high Impedance (greater than 10,000Ω) are the three main classification of impedance that you may find in your microphone. Search for the best impedance that you need for your microphone to work well.

The polar pattern which receives the sound waves should also be always considered for it is the one that will determine the quality of sound and the loudness that the microphone will produce. Read the box of the microphone to determine whether it has a good polar pattern for you to not waste time and money in buying the wrong one.

A durable microphone will give you a good deal for your money try to look for a microphone that is sturdy and you can use for a long time. It should also pass the quality standard that the law has imposed. Do not settle for a microphone that is cheap because it will not last for a long time. If you are looking for a good microphone investing in an expensive but high quality one will be a good choice.

If you have a good budget you can opt to buy different microphone for different usage. But if you are in a tight budget you can opt to have one microphone that will work for different occasion when it’s needed.

There are microphone accessories as well that will help your microphone function in its best. You just need to ask or search for some to aid you in finding a good quality of microphone.

If you really want to have a microphone that will work best for you, compare and test the microphones that you can find. With this way you will have a better idea on what microphone you need and what will work for you best. There are a lot of brands of microphones in the market today that offers a good performance and high quality of microphone that you can find.

If you are not satisfied with this you can ask your friends and family members for some microphone manufacturers that they know which sells a good quality of microphone for a reasonable price. You can also search the internet to look for a better option in finding a microphone that will suit your needs.

There a re also techniques that you can do to improve the sound of your microphone. You can ask audio experts for some of these techniques.

Keeping in mind the characteristics of a good microphone will surely help you in finding a good microphone that will give you a good audio quality and will best suit your microphone needs.