Nintendo Buying Guide

Nintendo Co., Ltd is a multinational corporation of Japan. While trying some small businesses, it developed into a video game company and presently occupies a top position in the world of video game developers. The main consoles that it offers to its players are Wii, DS/DSi, Game Cube, and Game Boy Advance. Each one has its own specifications and you can always choose which one to buy. But initially you must know what all are included in each game.

Every Wii console is packed with great things like Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and the ability to create Mii characters. So you can start playing there and then. It can be connected to the internet also that opens up a great world of online entertainment. Its wireless motion controls help you to enjoy whatever game you play be it point, swing or slice. You can go through the Wii game library which is full of great titles for every gamer. Since it can be connected to the broadband internet, enjoying with family and friends become all the easier. Besides playing online games you can even stream TV episodes and movies.


The Nintendo DS sometimes referred to as DS or NDS is a type of handheld game console. It has a clamshell design quite like the Game Boy Advance SP. It has two LCD screens inside with the bottom one being a touch screen. It is also fortified with a built-in microphone and supports Wi-Fi standards. This allows the players to interact with each other online or within a short range through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service. The other features include Download Play, Multi-Card Play, Picto-Chat, Compatibility and Regional Division. The accessories that come along with it are the Headset, Browser, Rumble Pak, Wi-Fi USB Connector, MP3 Player and the Guitar Grip Controller.


The Nintendo DSi is also a handheld game system. It is a seventh generation console and the third iteration of the Nintendo DS. It is a perfect rival of Sony’s Play Station Portable. The design of the DSi is similar to that of DS Lite. But it has certain other special features like two digital cameras, supports external and internal content storage and connects to an online store called the Nintendo DSi Shop. It is available in awesome seven colors and comes in a matte finish so that the finger prints are not visible on the surface. The DSi has more RAM and a faster CPU than the others of its kind. The CPU was also relocated and the battery housing raised to fill the unused space. The audio output is also loud and high. The DSi CPU has two arm CPU, 16 MB RAM, 256MB of internal flash memory with a SD Card and a SDHC CARD expansion slot and a 802.11b/g internal wireless connectivity.


The Game Cube is Nintendo’s fourth home console. About 640 games were released for the Game Cube video game system. Games are inserted by pressing the button in the lower right corner of its top, thus opening its cover, so a disk can be placed onto the tray and the cover closed. It comes in a variety of colors like platinum, indigo, black. It has unique features like that it is small and simple and does not feature CD/DVD playback or a Hard Drive. It is very compact in size but has some powerful graphics. The controller too fits well in your hands and is very comfortable to use. The Game Cube has exceptional audio capabilities and controllers to help its users to play better. It comes mostly in jet black and indigo colors. Replay depends on the games tat you play. The library contains games like Super Smash Brothers, Resident Evil, Rogue Leader, Super Monkey Ball and others.


The Nintendo Game Boy Advance came to the market when most video game consoles had a few years of life. This gadget became very popular for certain specific reasons which may be cited as follows: a huge games library, smart power management that extended battery life, uncluttered controls and of course affordability. But above all the most uniqueness of the Game Boy Advance was the system’s ultra-portable design. It facilitated the players to play their video games whenever they wished to play. This popularized the console among both children and adults alike.


Buying Tips


Once you are aware of the different video games available in the market and all the accessories that come with them, it becomes easy to make your choice. Buying Nintendo is quite challenging these days due to so many versions. But what you need to do is decide upon the model that fits your requirements most closely. If you go through the details that are given, you can easily decide which will give you the utmost enjoyment. As it is before buying any games you need to upgrade your set enough to suit the latest generation game consoles.

You must visit the official Nintendo website to get the latest information on most of the game titles supported by Wii and DS. You can check the appropriate game that fits your criteria of purchase like price, type, availability, parental guidance and family orientation.

One thing that can be done is that you can rent a game before buying to check if it suits your system.

A player’s guide is always available with every set and you should make sure you get it.

Look out for offers especially during festive occasions like Christmas when thee are discounts and free gifts too are given with every purchase.

Be careful not to buy the same Nintendo game that your friend has already bought. So discuss with all you know who love playing these games before purchasing yours.

Take the advice of intelligent and technical persons for a proper feedback of the product.

If you want to enjoy as well as make a little savings, then you can play online or at times download them for free. However your set must be fully equipped.