Oils, Vinegar and Salad dressings Buying Guide

Oil and salad dressing: Apt to satisfy the appetite for a good salad

Oil , vinegar and salad dressing is called ’VINAIGRETTE’ . To prepare vinaigrette oil and vinegar are essential ingredients. Most of the basic salad dressings can be divided into three categories:
  • Oil and vinegar dressing (most unthickened dressings),
  • mayonnaise based dressing (most thickened dressing) and
  • cooked dressing (similar in appearance to mayonnaise dressing , but more tart and with little or no oil content.)
Although vinaigrette is a combination of oil and vinegar, they do not mix. There is a certain method to prepare vinaigrette. The ratio of oil and vinegar is to be considered. It has to be 3:1. This ratio is not stable and may vary because different vinegars have different strengths and everytime ratio has to be kept in mind. But here’s an advice. Instead of tasting the vinaigrette directly, one can test its flavour by soaking a piece of lettuce in, shake of the excess and then take a bit of oil. It is interesting to note that on shaking up a bottle of salad dressing , the two portions of oil and vinegar combine but when you place the bottle down they start to separate again till the oil is at the top and the vinegar is at the bottom. This process is called temporary emulsion, temporary because oil and vinegar begin to separate as soon as mixing and stirring is stopped.

The question arises why does olive oil and vinegar salad dressing turn thick after mixing it. When vinegar and oil is shook in a jar , oil is dispensed into small drops and spread throughout the vinegar making an emulsion. The lighter oil floats to the top of the vinegar, the oil drops rejoin and the mixture separates. But the combining comes apart even after mixing them well. Soyabean oil can be used to make a basic vinaigrette and salad oil can be substituted with olive oil but it should be of excellent quality.

As far as vinegar is concerned, white vinegar is not used in preparation of vinaigrette. Instead white wine vinegar can be used. Cider vinegar made from apples is a good option for fruity vinaigrette. Vinaigrette can also be made from fermented rice. But how do we mix the vinaigrette. The best way of doing it is in a blender. Even glass and steel bowl could be used to mix them thoroughly. For good results, all the ingredients should be at room temperature to stat with. The cooler the oil, more difficult it is to make an emulsion. To allow the flavours to gel well, additional ingredients like mixed onion , garlic, herbs can be put in use. One thing to keep in mind is that the vinaigrette should be refrigerated, prepare it in advance and leave it for one to three hours.

There is a method of preparing salad dressing. Take some oil in a small container and add balsamic vinegar to it, mix well. If the vinegar is in excess add more oil and vice versa. Shake after putting salt and garlic. Add salt and grind the pepper. Pepper can be added in a good quantity. Now whisk the ingredients together and add salad mix. These are great for diet weight loss and are delicious to eat. It’s easy to make and healthy and an even be made by those who have not attended a culminary institute.

Choose of salad dressing actually decides whether the salad would turn out to be good in taste or a dud. High-fat dressing can turn out to be a calorie rich dressing. There are ten most satisfying salad dressings that won’t be calorie rich.

Few of the famous vinaigrette- style dressings are:

  • Newman’s own light honey mustard- Honey and mustard flavours – which is a balanced flavour and can come into use as dip, spread or marinade.
  • Newman’s own lighten up low fat sesame ginger: This delightful dressing features favourite flavours from Asian cuisine sesame and ginger. It tastes a bit spicy and this dressing can be used as an Asian style salad or as a marinade or a sauce for any Asian style appetizer. Per serving (2 tablespoon) 35 calories, 1.5 gram fat, 0 gram saturated fat, 390 mg sodium and 5 gram carbohydrates.
  • Kraft greek vinaigrette with extra virgin olive oil : This a traditional Greek dish and all the ingredients add to the flavour. First five ingredients to prepare it are water, extra virgin olive oil , soybean oil, red wine vinegar and salt. Per serving(2 tablespoon) 50 calories, 5 gram fat, 1 gram saturated fat, 360 gram sodium and 2g carbohydrates.
  • Kraft Italian vinaigrette with extra virgin oil: All the different spices and vegetable flavours contribute to give a balanced version of Italian Vinaigrette. First five ingredients:
    • water,
    • vinegar,
    • extra virgin oil,
    • sugar and
    • canola oil
    . Per serving (2 tablespoon) 60 calories, 4.5 gram fat , 0 gram saturated fat , 300 mg sodium and 3 gram carbohydrates.
  • Marie’s lite Blue cheese: With blue cheese, this creamy dressing can be found in refrigerated section of the super market. First five ingredients:
    • water,
    • nonfat buttermilk ,
    • soybean oil,
    • polydextrose and
    • blue cheese.
    Per serving (2 tablespoon) 80 calories, 6 gram fat , 1.5 gram saturated fat , 280 mg sodium and 7 gram carbohydrates .
  • Marie’s lite creamy ranch: Full of ranch flavour, herbs and spices can be seen throughout the dressing Per serving (2 tablespoon) 90 calories, 6 gram fat, 1 gram saturated fat, 240 mg sodium, 6 gram carbiohydrates.
  • Lite house salsa ranch dressing and dip : Chunky salsa along with ranch dressing gives a delightful taste. Per serving (2 tablespoon) 60 calories, 5 gram fat, 5 gram saturated fat , 220 gram sodium and 3 gram carbohydrate.
  • Hidden valley ranch light sour cream dressing: A creamy dressing and a ranch flavour would gel with any green salad.

    There are many types of oils, vinegar and salad dressings like
    • Balsamic Glaze classic,
    • Balsamic Glaze Raspberry,
    • Balsamic Glaze Tamarind and
    • Balsamic Glaze Pomegranate
    To add a bit of flavour and zing to any salad, tasty dressing is a must. Apart from regular salad, one can use different salad dressing recipes with different combinations. Calories in oil and vinegar salad dressing recipes are around 70 to 75, depending on addition and omission of certain ingredients. There are many kinds of dressing like :
    • Easy oil and vinegar dressing,
    • Garlic salad dressing and
    • Sesame ginger salad dressing.
    Vinaigrettes may include a wide range of addictives such as sugar, egg white and cheese, blue cheese may also be used. Different vinegars such as lemon juice or alcohol may be used instead of vinegar. If the favourite salad dressing is delicious and tasty then it is fattening. According to a survey by the Association for Dressings and sauces, the three regular full fat salad dressings people most like are
    • Ranch,
    • Italian and
    • Blue cheese.
    As Vinaigrette contains olive oil, they provide with healthy fats and a great contributor in minimizing heart diseases and an antioxidant as well. The presence of vinegar helps to control blood sugar, replaces fat and sodium with more healthy elements and thereby increase the body’s capacity to absorb minerals. Thus along with calorie intake, one can take the pleasure of eating salad and enjoy one’s meal to the optimum.