Things You Should Consider before Buying an Ink cartridge

 Choosing the right ink cartridge that will be compatible with your printer has been great fuzz for many, opting to buy an affordable one from the branded and expensive has gone a long way, as there are a lot of ink cartridges available for you to choose from in the market nowadays.

In buying a printer you should also likely to consider the availability and the cost of its ink cartridges. Original manufactured one is more expensive than buying a universal ink cartridge that will still work with your printer. But the concern of many is the quality of the printing it will produce if they will opt to have the cheaper one than the original.

For a start you should know that there are three different types of ink cartridges that you can choose from. The Original manufactured ink is probably the most expensive one, because the printer company made this ink cartridge especially to cater to the compatibility of the printer that it comes with. This will give the best quality of print products the life span of this ink cartridge is 12-24 months after buying Compatible ink cartridge is likely to be the same with the original one but it is not labeled one for the manufacturer to sell it in a lower price than the original one. You can compare this type to a generic medicine it produces the same quality result but cheaper than the branded one the life span of this type is more likely to reach 24-36 months. The other type is the remanufactured one; this type is like recycling an empty cartridge and refilling it with ink to be useful again. It is the cheapest among the three.

The effect of the ink cartridge on your printer that you choose to have is also a main concern. There are printers that will not read and accept a remanufactured or even a compatible cartridge. If you insist in using these kinds of ink it will create some damage to the chip of the printer. It may likely cause your printer to detect the you have low ink or no ink at all when in fact your ink cartridge is still full or the other way around this malfunctioning of printer is what they called “ phantom ink syndrome”. This may cause a permanent damage to your printer and you might need to bring you printer to a technician for a repair.

Knowing the make and the brand name and model of your printer will give you an ease in buying an ink cartridge. You will find this in the front of your printer or in the printer’s packaging.

Read as well the printer’s instruction if the printer that you are buying will accept an ink refill or will it consider just having an original ink cartridge as a replacement. Try not to insist in refilling an ink cartridge of the printer it may cause damage.

You should also know the colors that you need to buy or to be refilled. Ink cartridges will not be empty at the same time. You can buy ink cartridges by single pack especially if it is the black color that runs out. Luckily this is cheaper than the colored cartridges. If it is the colored one that is low or is empty it is advisable that you buy the full pack rather than the single pack it will save you a lot.

Black, magenta, yellow and cyan are the four colors that an inkjet printer uses. Some printer has separate ink tanks for each color. There are some printers that use only tow ink cartridges one for black and for the colored one, the three color cyan, magenta and yellow are combined.

The prices of the ink cartridges will vary depending with the printer that comes with it. If you buy a simple printer the ink cartridge will most probably cheaper than the high end one. But if you need a printer for printing images and good quality pictures you will most likely to invest in a more expensive ink cartridges but the quality of the result will always be in a very good and high quality.

It is also best to talk to a customer assistant in the store where you want to buy a printer and ink cartridges they may be able to give you a good advice on what printer will be best for you depending on what will be the use of the printer you want to buy.

There are printer manufacturer that sells printer with a sample ink cartridges with it.  With this you will have an idea on what ink cartridge to buy the next time you will run out of ink. If you want to buy an original ink cartridge ask if they have warranty, this will save you money if the cartridge that you buy has some factory defect. They can fix or replace it with no charge at all.

Take good care of your cartridges keep them away from direct sunlight and avoid it from direct heat as well. Keep them sealed and in their packages for safe keeping. Never use your printer when your ink cartridge run dry it may cause damage to your printer.

Buying an ink cartridge that will suit your needs need not to cost you an arm and leg. Investing in the right kind of ink cartridges will save you a lot of money. There are a lot of printers and ink cartridges that you can choose from in the market today. It is most important that the quality of the result when you print an image or a document will be of high quality whether you are using an original, compatible ink cartridge or the remanufactured one for your printer as long as you are happy with the result and it does not do any damage to your printer then go for it.