Which earrings to where when- your personal style guide


The right pair of earrings is all it takes to add some life to even the most boring outfit. But if you are like most of the girls, you would have a large collection of earrings and still be confused when it comes to choosing the right pair for the look you choose to don.

Buying the right set of earrings according to the face shape:

When you purchase earrings, choose the ones that compliment your face shape. Earrings can, to a great deal impact in making your face appear longer or rounder depending on their shape and size. Here are few factors to consider while buying earrings based on your face shape:

  • Studs make square faces appear chubbier
  • Wider chandelier type earrings or drop earrings might also make square and heart-shaped faces appear wider
  • Longer narrower earrings can go well with round face
  • Hoop earrings and droplet types might suit almost all face types.

Know your face type and buy the right shape and length of earrings. Then comes the confusion of which earrings to wear with which outfit and on which occasion. Don’t worry, here is a style guide to help you choose better.

Basic styling guide for different earring styles:

On a broader angle, earrings could be studs, hoops, or drop earrings. Then again each type could be classified further depending on the shape of the earring, its length, the embellishments and a lot of other factors. The pair of earrings you choose to wear impacts your style in many ways. Besides the size of the earring, the material, color, level of embellishments, all of them summed up should help you choose the right pair for the occasion. Though it always depends on personal choices here is a generic guide to help you choose the right earring style for every occasion:

  1. Studs:

Wearing studs is the best option when you decide to keep it simple. For formal attire, nothing could complement better than a minimal stud. Studs owing to their smaller size and simplistic looks are the best bet for any occasion where you do not want to draw attention to your jewelry. So if you are someone who wishes to wear earrings that are almost inconspicuous, studs are for you. You do not have to compromise on the options just because you choose to wear studs. Studs of various materials and various colors can be worn to complement different outfits. Thus they are great for formal occasions and are equally good for a casual outing as well.


  1. Hoops:

Hoops are versatile earrings. Hoops almost never go out of trend. They can be worn with different outfits. Simple smaller hoops go well with a formal dress. If you choose a larger minimalistic hoop, it could add to an uber-cool look for a casual outing. The hoops that come with embellishments are perfect for a party or a traditional function. For wide neck and off-shoulder dresses or tops, wider hoop earrings can perfectly balance the look. With the right pair of hoops, you can never go wrong. So when you are not sure about what to wear on any particular day, then you have hoops to your rescue. They can perfectly blend with almost any outfit style you choose to wear.


  1. Chandelier earrings:

Chandelier earrings are wide earrings that are perfect for those times when you want to look grand. They have been gaining popularity in the recent days. If you want a minimalistic earring, however, chandeliers are not for you. They are fashionably traditional. This makes them perfect to be worn with any traditional attire. Even with your evening dress, you could rock chandeliers if you choose the right color that goes with your dress. Though chandeliers go best with ethnic outfits, you could also make a bold style statement if you choose to wear a pair of chandeliers with a casual outfit. For square shaped faces, chandeliers that are long can add good length to the face.


  1. Droplet earrings:

Droplet earrings can come in the widest range of shapes and sizes among the other types. This gives you a lot of options to choose from for each of your dress. A smaller droplet earring in a neutral color can be worn with almost any dress for almost any occasion. Droplets can come with a smaller stud on the top and a hanging droplet at the bottom or simply a hook fit on the top and the droplet below. Droplets go well with dresses. For a casual day out in a jean and tee perhaps droplets might not be a great option. If for any occasion you wish to wear something more fetching than a stud but something less flamboyant than a chandelier and something more cheerful than a hoop, then a droplet is your best choice.


  1. Jhumkas:

Don’t we always reserve the best for the end? Jhumkas are traditional earrings popular in India. They are the perfect blend of the glee of a droplet earring and the boldness of a chandelier earring. Nothing can complement an Indian ethnic outfit as beautifully as a pair of jhumkas does. There is a jhumka for every face shape and for every occasion. For a casual everyday look, you could go for silver jhumkas. Smaller silver hoop jhumkas are also great for a casual day out. Hoop jhumkas are also perfect for a casual look when you choose to wear a simple kurta and jean. Bigger jhumkas with embellishments would add to the grandeur of a saree or salwar suit for a traditional occasion. Smaller trinket jhumkas are great with a casual saree.

Earrings shopping guide:

Every girl’s wardrobes must have at least one pair of earrings in each of the above categories to be perfectly prepared for any occasion. Have a pair of contemporary studs that can help you pass any formal outfit with ease. A pair of versatile hoops is the next important accessory any girl should own. They will never let you down. Jhumkas are something that you cannot live without because, be it an ethnic wear day in your office or college or be it a festival day, what better to wear than a pair of jhumkas with your ethnic outfit!

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