Xbox 360 Buying Guide

Microsoft has created havoc in the world of video games. The personal computers and laptops today are not used only for educational or business purposes. They are a source of great entertainment also. We are all aware how our children sit in front of their systems and play their favorite games deriving so much fun. Adults too get engrossed in these games which make the enjoyment all the more personal. The second video game console that Microsoft has produced is the Xbox 360.




As a part of the seventh generation of video games, Xbox 360 competes with Sony’s Play Station3 and Nintendo’s Wii. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has become a favorite of all from the young to the older generation due to the extra-ordinary facilities that it offers to its gamers. There are some especial features that make the Xbox 360 so popular. It has integrated Xbox Live services that enable the players to compete with each other online, demos of different games, trailers, movies and music, download arcade games, TV shows and Windows Media Centre multimedia capabilities. Another unique feature of the Xbox 360 is that it offers region specific access to third party media streaming services.


Buying guide.


If you have planned to buy a new game console, there are certain important tings that you must think about before spending your hard earned money. A thorough homework must be done in the right direction. Just keep in mind the following aspects:

Firstly, get your personal computer or laptop properly checked. See if it has all the necessary configurations that are required to install the Xbox 360. It is a high definition game and hence requires the most up-to-date system. The other things to consider are the backward compatibility, DVD or CD playback, online playing capability and such others.


Secondly, there are a number of packages of the Xbox 360. They are namely an Arcade system that includes a wireless controller and a 256MB memory unit; a Pro system that has a 60GB hard drive with a wireless controller while an Elite system too has a wireless controller with a 120 GB hard drive in a especial black case. If you have a lot of space in your hard drive then you can buy the Arcade since it comes with a memory card but if you are not well fortified then perhaps the Pro or the Elite will be suitable for you.


Thirdly, to derive the utmost from your Xbox 360 and enjoy all the advantages that the system offers you are advised to play on an HDTV and have Xbox live which needs a fast broadband internet connection. Your HDTV will help you to get the full impact of the next-generation graphics. The prices of these sets are becoming quite affordable and hence just browse through the internet, visit some stores and discuss with friends who are already using the sets and then pick yours.


Fourthly, the experience of online gaming and reaching out to friends and families is a great part of the Xbox 360 game console. Although all the games included in the Xbox 360 offer a fully featured single player experience, but to enjoy the game absolutely you must sign up for Xbox Live services of Microsoft and for that you need a broadband internet connection. For this also you need to consider which connection will be more convenient for you according to its availability and your budget.


Fifthly, when buying the game console you must check for all the items that are supposed to come with it. The main features included in the Xbox 360 are the following: a multi- core 3.2GHz IBM Power PC-based CPU, multi-channel surround sound and a custom ATI graphics chip.

The Xbox 360 features a removable 20GB hard drive. The utility of this feature is that you will be able to transport game files, media and music at ease. It is also required for backward compatibility with older Xbox games. The removable hard drive gives 300 times more storage capacity as compared to the 64MB memory card. However the drive is available separately also.

The Xbox 360 has the capacity to support up to four wireless controllers. The game-pads have a built-in vibration and also voice-communication inputs that are more or less compatible with any standard cell phone headset.

The Xbox360 headset enables you to trash talk with your opponents, strategize with teammates or talk to friends while playing your favorite games. You can even record, send voice messages through the free Xbox Live Message Service and chat with friend online using the headset.

It features a Media Remote also which is available on the initial run of full-system bundles. These are all available with the regular Xbox system.


The Core Xbox 360 however does not have all the accessories that the full-system offers but it has enough to start you up. It has a force feed back wired controller and a composite AV cables. You can always buy a separate memory card if you wish to save your game progress. It is up to you to decide as to which set to buy. Obviously you need to consider your pocket and so be wise when you buy.



Sixthly, consider the right time to buy. It is Christmas and if you want to gift your darling children with this exciting game console, you will be lucky to get some special gifts for all gamers. There are innumerable Xbox 360 accessories which make gaming easier, keep the peripherals charged and even open up different areas of the game that you have not experienced so far. Some of the cool Xbox gifts are the Kinect which is in great demand as it is a wonderful console that enables you to use your body to control your character. You have Lips Number One Hits with Microphones, 4Gamers Play and Charge Kit, Modern Warfare 2, Wireless headset, Rock Band 3 Wireless Mustang Pro Guitar, Venom Xbox 360 Controller Twin Charge Cradle and a lot more.  

So, just go through the guidelines before buying the Xbox 360.